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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

''Mistakes made' over Birmingham surveillance cameras' [from: BBC Birmingham]

What more do these Muslims of Birmingham want? They've already had enough ritual apologies from the police. The Police, Sharon Row, Chris Sims, et al, have already grovelled on the ground and eaten Islamist shit. They have already been convinced by far-left 'civil liberties' groups that the installation of CCTVs was a gross act of oppression against the oppressed. Now even the police believe these things. They do so because of the combined ideological might of the SWP/UAF, civil liberties groups and a whole batch of other Trots and Islamists. They have finally got what they wanted all along: the Independent Islamic State of Sparkbrook, etc.

As far as I know, not a single non-Muslim citizen has been asked about whether or not he or she wants CCTVs or surveillance cameras in their areas. No one has ever asked me about these things. Yet I see them absolutely everywhere! Everywhere except Sparkbrook, Sparkhill, etc. and those other Muslim areas. And yet Sparkbrook, etc. is the terror capital area of the UK.
So because of this political decision to take down CCTVs we have more CCTVs in sleepy Rye or Kettlewell than we do in the Muslim areas of Birmingham - areas know for breeding terrorists and for terrorist-supporters like Councillor Salma Yaqoob and the Rev Ray Gaston (Stop the War and other Trot causes).

In any case, what's the point of discussing the anti-terrorist CCTVs with the Muslims of these areas? Wouldn't that have defeated the object? In any case, all Muslims, bar a handful, would have been against them even if there had been a 'consultation process' before. After all, they are the CCTVs of a Kuffar State which is bent on 'destroying Islam'.

As for 'setting Muslim-police relations back ten years'. Muslims, on the whole, were against the police, and all things kuffar, years before this CCTV business. They were against the police during the debates on CCTVs in Birmingham. And they will be against them after everything clears up - if it even really clears up.

What will happen when more Sparkbrook, etc. terror plans are uncovered? What will happen when Islamism gains an even stronger hold over Muslim communities? The police will not be able to do anything because they have rendered themselves impotent vis-à-vis the Muslim communities of Birmingham and elsewhere.

The police should get one thing into their heads:

Muslim-police relations will always be strained until the Islamic green flag flies over Sparkbrook, etc. and we live in an Islamic state with full sharia law.

The CCTVs were just one more excuse Muslims used to go on the attack and further Islamise their respective Muslim communities.


- 25 October 2010, from BBC Birmingham

West Midlands Police Authority has admitted mistakes were made in the way 200 surveillance cameras were put up in largely Muslim areas of Birmingham.

The cameras, some of which were hidden, were paid for with £3m of government money earmarked for tackling terrorism.

But the force had to apologise and later commissioned an independent review after angry residents said they had not been consulted.

The report said it put relations with the Muslim community back 10 years.

The scheme, called Project Champion, involved cameras being put up by the Safer Birmingham Project (SBP), made up of the city council, police and agencies in the Washwood Heath and Sparkbrook districts.

"We acknowledge that we did not get things right and want to take a positive approach to addressing what the report has found” - Derek Webley

Last month West Midlands Police Chief Constable Chris Sims apologised after the report by Thames Valley Police said the force showed "little evidence of thought being given to compliance with the legal or regulatory framework" before the cameras were put up.

And in a statement, Derek Webley, chairman of the West Midlands Police Authority, said: "The authority accepts the findings and recommendations of the report by Chief Constable Sara Thornton of Thames Valley Police.

"We acknowledge that we did not get things right and want to take a positive approach to addressing what the report has found.

"Now, we have the recommendations from the report, we want to move forward in several areas: How we work, how we hold the force to account, how we scrutinise, how we question and how we challenge.

"The authority wants to work with the community to take this matter forward to a position where we are able to rebuild the trust and confidence of those in the area.

"Without this we know that we cannot deliver the policing that the public want to keep them safe from harm."

Civil liberties groups have threatened legal action if the force does not agree to remove all the cameras in the next two weeks.

All covert cameras have been removed and the remainder have been covered with bags.

The authority, an independent body made up of nine councillors and eight independent members including one lay justice member, is holding a public meeting in Birmingham later to discuss the report in full.

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