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Friday, 22 October 2010

EDL protest against KFC halal slaughter in Blackburn [video]

It always amazes me when leftists say that the sharia-isation or Islamification of the UK is a 'myth'. Take halal meat alone. Hundreds of non-Muslim food outlets and supermarkets sell halal meat. Not only for Muslims, but for kuffar consumption too. That is, halal products which are not known to be halal by the buying non-Muslim public. This is clearly a disgrace.

Let us not forget that the suffering involved in halal slaughter is part of its meaning. Traditionally, and with halal slaughter today, the slow death of the sacrificed animal was and is an essential part of the ritual. So don't let Muslims tell you otherwise. If it were an instant death, it wouldn't be halal slaughter. Thus the animal has to be seen to suffer, even if only for a minute or so. That's what slaugher is. That's what sacrifice is.

Make no mistake. Halal slaughter is just the beginning of the Islamification of the UK. Single-sex swimming pools, all-Muslim schools, sharia courts, Muslim ghettoes, hands-off Muslim policies for the police, the allowing of the burka, non-taxed Islamic charities, public praying, prayer rooms in virtually all institutions and buildings, etc. are all just the beginning of the Islamification of our humanist, secularist and Christian culture.

It is not exactly that sharia law is creeping into our country because the EDL, for one, knows exactly what is happening. However, the slippery slope of increased sharia-isation, the one by one accommodations to Islam, is how the Islamists and Muslims are planning things. They will not ask for death for apostasy or public stoning yet because that will quite simply backfire and damage the Islamic cause. Thus, slowly does it.

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