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Monday, 11 October 2010

Islamism is a Threat to Community Cohesion and Diversity [by Fern]

- by the EDL's Fern

Islamism poses the biggest danger to community cohesion in Britain today. Its provocative marches and groups are designed to whip up divisions between communities and provoke a violent reaction from young British people.

The group has regional organisers and units emerging in most towns and cities. They bring together a dangerous cocktail of Muslim hooligans, far-left activists and pub [?] haters. Yet there is no national strategy to deal with this group and little understanding of what Islam is about; its appeal and how it is just one component, albeit a violent one, of a growing cultural, religious and political battle that is emerging across Western Europe and is supported by leftwing groups in the US.

What makes Islam much more dangerous is how it reflects a wider political and cultural war. Across Western Europe, leftwing populist parties are achieving huge electoral success on the same Islam platform. This is being mirrored by the emergence of the Interfaith movements in the US and a leftist/Marxist movement that is pouring money into western Europe.

There is now increasing chatter among many Marxists, including the likes of our extreme leftists, who are giving guidance to Islamic groups.

The threat of Islam and the wider cultural war must be taken seriously. That is why we have had to establish a broad-based group to formulate a response, the English Defence League. The left has become very organised; it is time for those of us who believe in a non-Islamised society to do the same.

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