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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The EDL's Fight For England

The EDL isn't yet another fringe group – leave the fringe chic to the far left and far right. The EDL is a mass movement. A movement of and for the people of England. It is not a far left or a far right group which wants to change everything and get rid of the Government. On the contrary, the EDL is a movement which wants to protect everything that is good about English politics, culture and tradition. But not everything about English politics, culture and tradition. (Then again, the Conservative Party, and certainly Labour, don’t protect all aspects of English tradition, culture and politics.)

The EDL, for example, realises that its fight against Islamification, against militant Islam, is also a fight against the leftism and political correctness, both of which have helped the rise of Islamism and with the Islamification of our country. The left has ‘won the culture war, but lost the economic war’. And don’t we all know it.

The Islamists wouldn’t have achieved half of what they have achieved without the far left - and indeed without the Labour Party when it was in Government. The Labour Government helped grease the wheels of Islam. As for the far left and the PC Brigade, their fight for Islam was simultaneously a fight against English culture, tradition and values. Against England itself. For what is England to them? It is 'racist', 'imperialist', uniquely culpable and even ‘hideously white’. All the things the far left wants to destroy. All the things they think are embodied within England itself. Thus they will stop at nothing in their attempt to destroy England. And alliances with Muslims and the propagation of Islam are just two ways of bringing about the annihilation of England as England. Of course they will not say that they want to annihilate England. They may not even think it. They will talk instead of England Embracing (more) Diversity and of England increasing its Community Cohesion, both more or less euphemisms for Embracing Islam and Muslims and ensuring Muslim Independence and self-rule. Real community cohesion comes along when ethnic minorities and religious groups embrace at least some chunks of English values, tradition and culture, not by our embracing every example of Diversity – even pernicious diversity.

The supreme joke is that if the cherished Islamists ever gained real power or more control, the atheist, secularist and relativist left would be the first up against the wall for the Islamist bullet. We’ve seen it before in Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Algeria, etc. Islamists and militant Muslims despise these gullible ‘enablers’ of their faith – or the useful tools. But this is something they will hide until they have milked the leftists dry. Until they have got what they want from them and simply don’t need them anymore. The left and the PC Brigade by then will have built the Islamists their ladder. But they won’t be climbing it alongside the Islamists. No. Once they have done their dirty work, their bit for Diversity and Community Cohesion, they will be expendable. And no one will feel sorry for them then. Least of all the English Defence League and not the majority of English people.


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