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Thursday, 21 October 2010

EDL Volunteers on Islam [by Dizzy999]

- By the EDL's Dizzy999

Being a volunteer with the EDL, I smile inwardly when I hear conflicting statements about what we all say about Islam. But first I would like to clear up another small problem.

No one in the EDL is a member of the EDL. If you say you are, can you show me your application form, membership card and the subscriptions you have paid?

I hear a lot of people saying: I can’t get involved because I will get the sack for being a member. Well you wont get the sack for being a member - because no one is a member!!!

The next small problem is: What are we really protesting about? Some volunteers are just protesting about mosques; some about extreme Muslims; some about extreme Islamists; some about sharia law. We all seem to have a different view on the Islamification of our great country.

I get my own views from an Islamic scholar called Robert Spencer. He has studied Islamic history and theology. My understanding from him is that there are moderate and extremist Muslims, but that there is only Islam, neither moderate nor extreme. Islam is the problem. The whole ethos of Islam is to subjugate the whole world and bring every one under sharia law. As in Muslim eyes, it already belongs to Allah - their fictitious moon god!!!!

Islam in my opinion must be banned from Western societies because it is incompatible with our Christian/Judaic values. I hear the shouts: Surely every one has the right to worship in their own religion? And there is the problem. Islam is more than a religion - it is a political ideology with a component that looks a little like a religion. It is nothing like any religion in the world. Any so called religious book like the Quran that advocates murder and mayhem surely cannot be deemed to be religious - although most English people see it as a religion no different than Christianity. We all pray to the same God, don’t we? Well you may, I certainly don’t. My God preaches love and understanding. The Islamic God preaches murder, death, destruction and the raping of children.

The majority of Muslims in the world do not have clue about what is in the Quran. They only know what they are told. They are brainwashed from birth never ever to question what is in the Quran, only to obey. And that means they must always be on jihad watch!!!

If we do not stop this evil cancer, I can guarantee that your grandchildren will become ruthless blood-thirsty animals like the many Muslims in other Islamic states. Your children are now being brainwashed in school. They are being taught falsehoods about Islam. Ask them, they are your kids - for now. Ask them if Mohammad is a nice man or a murdering raping paedophile. I know what answer you fools will get!!!!


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