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Monday, 25 October 2010

The EDL Supports Israel [video]

Love all those Yasser Arafat scarves in the UAF counter-demo! Can I have one?

I always thought that 'anti-Zionism' was a hip political fashion, picked up at university and carried on into post-graduate years, but the uniformity of these brainless leftists is incredible.

Yasser Arafat was such a freedom fighter. He murdered his opponents, killed civilians, was massively corrupt and also a compulsive liar (Taqiyya-style). Still, he was Brown and Exotic and thus not like the evil 'white' Zionists.

Hamas is made up of Brown Exotics too. Thus knee-capping homosexuals and terrorising all non-Muslim Palestinians is sexy. And their Islamist destruction of freedom and use of violence is nowhere near as bad as White violence. Silly fucking students.

Was there anyone in that UAF counter-demo who was over 23 (except for the SWP types who pull the strings, of course - they now make a living out of Trotskyism)?

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