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Friday, 22 October 2010

'British Anti-Islam group seeks US Tea Party ties' [from: 3News]

- By R.S. Peters (EDL Extra)

Although the EDL is not a political party, in that it is a 'single-issue group', that must not stop it from forming alliances with political groups which have similarly recognised the profound threat of Islamism and Islamoterrorism, as well as the gradual Islamification of non-Muslim states. Thus many EDL members may not have that much in common with the so-called 'Tea Party movement' in the US. Indeed many EDL members are to the left of the Tea Party movement. However, despite the EDL's single-issue status, all EDL members realise how leftism and politically-correct legislation have greased the wheels of Islamism and Islam generally. To put it simply. Without the far left and gullible liberals there would be no sharia-isation of the UK and no great threat from Islamism. Thus, if in these respects only, the EDL must be more than a single-issue group in that leftism and PC conformity have made Islamism the threat that it is in the UK today.

This is of course ironic because once the Islamists gained power, these atheist and materialist leftists and liberals would be the first up against the wall in a Islamic state. Not only that. I don't think that they would appreciate the piety of a state which banned Chardonnay, arty films and Radiohead. Thus their support of Islam is a best naive or opportunistic, and at worst suicidal.

Regardless of the Tea Party movement, the EDL must support Israel. If the Islamists destroyed Israel, which basically would mean the death of around six million Jews, this would be an incredible boost to Islamism throughout the world as well as providing an utterly kuffar-free Middle East. Make no mistake. Once Hamas has destroyed the Jews, it would then get to work on the Christians of Gaza and the West Bank. Indeed it already has! (Homosexuals and atheists have little chance - even today.)

Those EDL members who say that 'the EDL should not concern itself with Israel' must be very naive - either that or tacitly or explicitly anti-Semitic. How can the EDL not support the only democracy in the Middle East? How can it not support a largely secular society which has a fantastic judicial system and a thriving economy? How can it not support a land and a people from which our own traditions and civilisation grew?

Can EDL members honestly say that the annihilation of another six million or more Jews 'has nothing to do with us'? It has everything to do with us. If Israel is detroyed then the Global Jihad would only re-focus on another kuffar state - perhaps the UK!

- By the EDL's Knuckles

Why would the EDL, as a single-issue group, seek ties with a staunchly conservative movement that has recently been hijacked by mainstream Republicans?

The article notes very well that many EDL members have nothing in common with the tea-partyists and are to the left on the political spectrum. It then mentions atheist leftists and liberals. I'd say around half of the EDL are atheist, judging by the comments on the forum. The tea-party have very much a Christian core, with many members quite fundamentalist. Some within even believe the theory that it wasn't a bunch of fundamental Muslims that attacked on 9/11, but was some conspiracy between US neo-cons and Israeli intelligence!

Further, the tea party are not exactly gay friendly, neither. They are quite 'traditional' when it comes to sexuality. Our LGBT division would goes down like ton of bricks.

Any link to the tea-party should be along the our single issue as well as preserving our national traditions. But to extend this further and to forge ties between the two groups would be too constraining for such a diverse movement as the EDL.
- 15 Oct 2010, by Gregory Katz, from 3News

Tentative links are developing between supporters of the Tea Party movement in the United States and right-wing fringe groups in Britain that are opposed to what they call the "Islamification" of Europe.

The movements are not formally aligned, but the relatively new English Defence League - which warns that Islamic fundamentalism will soon engulf Britain - is seeking guidance and inspiration from some US figures taking a similar stance.

The British activists are less drawn to the anti-tax, anti-big-government Tea Party message and more attracted to elements taking an active stance against the spread of Islam, like Rabbi Nachum Shifren, a long-shot Republican candidate for the California state legislature who plans to visit England next week in a trip sponsored in part by the English Defence League.

The trip was organised by Roberta Moore, an English Defence League activist who has formed a "Jewish division" of the group. She said the rabbi will speak at an October 24 rally in London.

"He plans to speak about the dangers of Islamification both in this country and in America," Moore told The Associated Press. "He will talk about the issues we have with immigration and the danger of Sharia law coming to the UK. We have the same objectives as the groups in the USA, and we want to exchange information and work with them."

Matthew Goodwin, a University of Nottingham professor and author of a new book about extremist groups in Britain, said the links being developed with American activists are potentially important.

"We're seeing groups across Europe trying to form a transnational challenge to Islam," he said.

"Going to the United States is particularly interesting because the far right in Britain has never gone that way, it has always gone toward Europe. If it did forge strong links to the Tea Party, it would be important because the Tea Party has significant resources."

He said the English Defence League has gained momentum in the last year and can now draw roughly one thousand people to its confrontational rallies. The membership includes mostly white, working class men, including many with links to football hooliganism, he said.

Some English Defence League protests have turned into clashes with police and the group Unite Against Fascism, which opposes the anti-Muslim movement.

Shifren - sometimes called the surfing rabbi because of his penchant for riding the waves - has given talks at Tea Party events. He said in a telephone interview that he plans to warn Britons that their country is being lost as fundamentalist Islam gains strength.

"I see England going down and I want to cry out and do everything I can to prevent that, to work with the EDL," he said.

Moore said the English Defence League has also reached out to Pamela Geller, the prominent US activist who leads an organisation called Stop Islamization of America.

Geller said she supports the English group's approach but has not met with its leaders or agreed to any joint projects.

"I share their goal of resisting Islamic supremacism and defending free societies," she said.

British businessman Alan Lake, who said he is "heavily involved" with the English Defense League and other like-minded groups, believes it is important to reach out to activists in the United States and on mainland Europe.

"The benefit of joining with these other organisations is logistical and political, but also emotional," he said. "It's such a relief to find people in other countries who feel the way you do."

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