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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Amsterdam Today

If it’s true that Ajax fans have attacked EDL members, we can see how far the propaganda offensive of the Islamists - and their leftists enablers - has gone. How the hell have these people persuaded football fans to see the EDL as more of a threat than the Islamists in Amsterdam and elsewhere in Holland? This is perverse and bizarre.

Maybe it’s because it will be just a fist-and-boot fight with the EDL, whereas any conflict with their native Islamists would be far worse. In other words, these Ajax football fans are cowards. They would never risk their lives against real fascism – Islamofascism. And to think about the trouble Holland is having, and has had, with Muslims and Islamists. Two of their politicians and one artist have been murdered for speaking out against Islam and Islamism. And yet they turn on the EDL. The EDL were probably outnumbered any way. Very brave!

When there’s a bigger more important fight on the horizon, football fans should unite. Firstly, they have united here in the UK. In Birmingham you have Aston Villa fans alongside Birmingham City fans fighting against our common enemies. On a national scale, we have Man U supporters battling alongside Man City fans… well, maybe not Man City fans, but Leeds United fans, etc.
This must be what happens in Europe because the upcoming battle against Islam is going to be truly massive. Small-scale fights amongst different football firms will become insignificant. It would be like Man City fans fighting Everton fans during the Battle of Britain. Or, on another scale, Ajax fans fighting Liverpool fans when a non-European power was overrunning Europe.

Thus it is perspective and intelligence that football fans must show. Not a stupid commitment to small-scale petty grievances against other football fans. The game we’re playing now is too big for that.


  1. It is i.m.o. not true that the EDL was attacked by Ajax fans. It was another grup, either Anti-fascists and/or moroccan scum.

    The Ajax fans came from the other side, with the metro. But they too were intent on violence, namely because the Amsterdam Mayor beforehand told the public that "200 English 'hooligans'" were coming, which was absolute nonsense and he knew it too.

  2. see some pictures on

    the people on the metro station are the Ajax fans.

  3. Is it true that 5 British demonstrators were arrested by the police? The newspapers say so, but they're all full of crap.

  4. One correction : Pim Fortuyn was shot by Volkert van der Graaf who was a self-described animal rights activist and environmentalist extremist. Not an islamist. The first dutch person who was a victim of the islam fundamentalists was Corina Cuore Thuijs. She was set alight in the massacre in Sivas in 1993.

    I am a dutch aleviet and bektashi,

  5. animal rights groups are nazi and anti-semitic. stands to reason they would go with pislamists!