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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Yet More Fictitious 'Hate Crimes' in Dorset [by Vineline]

- By Vineline

I live in Dorset and, about four years ago, I was waiting for my local library to open, when a couple of blokes walked up and began talking loudly. There were about 15 others who were also waiting, some of whom were old women.

One of the two men, whom I had seen on several occasions around town, was talking very loudly and aggressively in what can best be described as a 'West Indian' accent…. Although he was white, he had long filthy matted dreads and was almost threatening the Chav type with him, using language that I could best describe as not suitable for ladies of a certain age.

After a while of listening to this utter drivel, I asked him why he was talking in a West Indian accent when he was plainly not black and, as I had heard him talk normally on many occasions in a Mancunian accent. I further explained to him that there were elderly females present and that he shouldn't be using this language in their presence.

He immediately accused me of being racist and then offered me around the back for a punch up. Annoyed, I readily agreed, but before anything could happen, two middle aged white males then also accused me of being a racist.

I became embroiled in an argument with all three of them. Finally, the library doors opened and the fake Rasta ran in shouting that he had been racially abused by me and demanding that someone call Dorset Police.

The commotion he created was both embarrassing to myself (obviously)and totally unnecessary and so I left with his accusations ringing loudly throughout the building.

I watched from some distance and, sure enough, up drove a Police car and two officers got out. I walked off; but a while later, saw the two officers driving up to a set of traffic lights.
I knocked on their window and said jokingly that I was the KKK member they were looking for.
Not a smile, not a titter. Instead I was marched to a quieter area and thoroughly interrogated and warned that I would be investigated for a Race Hate Crime.

They told me that this person was born in Jamaica and as he had made a complaint, an allegation of Racial Harassment. I would in all likelihood, be summoned to appear in a court of law at a later date.

Two weeks expired. Two weeks of worry, in which I could see my whole life going down the crapper, just because I dared to speak my mind and do the right thing.

Eventually, I could stand it no longer and rang Dorset Police.

A very capable and understanding sergeant made enquiries about my case and eventually told me that no further action was to be taken. He then told me (unofficially) that this person was a known drug dealer who specialised in supplying children and who also made a big habit of accusing folk of being racist against him.

The sergeant also told me that under New Labour, ANY report of so called racial intolerance, whether real or, as in my case, untrue, was still recorded as a hate crime, even though it was thrown out.

What chance do we stand in this sad, sick country, of ever getting the standards back that most of us grew up with?

So sorry to hear of EDL’s troubles lads. Keep the faith.

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