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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Today's Ghurkha Parade in Nuneaton

It is a simple equation. There were no UAF/SWP red fascists at Nuneaton today, so there was no trouble.

Muslims were gathering on the periphery, sure. But, in a perverse sense, that’s understandable. The UAF/SWP and the Islamists have been telling all Muslims that the EDL wants to kill every Muslim on the planet. That’s false. However, there are many Islamists, Islamoterrorists and Muslims who truly want to kill every infidel on the planet – either that or convert them. And that’s partly why the EDL exists.

Aren’t the Ghurkhas a fine example of a group that doesn’t put their religion before the country they serve and which they want to serve? And, yes, they have kept many of their traditions. That doesn’t matter. They are not at war with the UK. The opposite is true. Both today, and during the British Empire, they fought for us. They were part of what it is to be ‘us’.

The worst thing I experienced today was when I listened-in to an argument between a EDL supporter (probably not a active member) in her 60s arguing with a Nuneaton councillor. He accused her of being ‘a typical EDL outsider’. Where does she live? Four miles out of the centre of Nuneaton! This wasn’t really a question of her and the EDL being ‘outsiders’, as the regional press and UAF argue. It is a question of what the EDL believe - whether or not they are ‘outsiders’. The UK is a single state. The EDL, and anyone else for that matter, has the right to protest and argue their case anywhere in the country. Is the EDL the wrong kind of Diversity? Is it OK for councillors to become mini-xenophobes simply because they pretend to themselves and others that they are dealing with 'outsiders' fromthe ‘far right’? What gives them the right to decide which groups have the democratic rights to demonstrate and express their opinions?


  1. Fantastic photo! As you say the Gurkhas put their country first, as they are Buddhists, who promote peace. However the conundrum is; there can be no peace without war.

    BTW, the lady may not be "active" in your eyes but she can sure do a lot with her vote!

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I actually took that photo and plenty more besides. Quite pleased to see it being used on here. ;-)
    Andy J Morgan.