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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Reforming the EDL's Image [by Gilby]

The last few months have seen a dramatic increase in support for the EDL. However, a lot of our support is still very much hidden. This is mainly due to our current poor public image because of minority action at demos.

I would say that it wouldn’t be mad to suggest that for every EDL member there are easily 4 or 5 members of the public who support us but who are afraid to show there support. This is evident from the amount of people who line the streets at demos and stop and talk to us on the way to demos, etc. These people will continue to privately support us but they are afraid to go public because they don’t want to be labelled 'racist' or go to demos if there will be trouble. And some even fear for their jobs.

We are the tip of an iceberg and we need to take measures to bring the other 80% out of the water for the world to see.

The only way we are going to do this is to tidy up our image and soon! This much I think was clear from Talk Sport last night; as for the first time we actually received some support from the media.

-New Members-

New members (by which I mean active members) are, in my opinion accepted too readily by some divisions.

I know a lot of people are against the idea of membership lists and I appreciate that. However, I do believe all new members wishing to attend demonstrations should show some form of valid ID to either their Division Admins or Regional Organiser before they attend demos.

This does not mean details would be taken. It is purely a measure to ensure that divisions know the people who are travelling with them are who they say they are. And if that person does cause trouble, they know who they are rather than admins. chasing ghosts.

In conjunction with this, I think divisions should meet prospective new members before demos rather than inviting unknowns to meet them there. It’s not too much of a strain to go and have a drink with someone beforehand and suss out if he's trying to infiltrate (for whatever reason); or if he is trying to join on some form of misguided information that we are 'white nationalists', for example.


Were are all aware of the scheme run throughout the UK in pubs, PubWatch. Why not have something similar for demos?

At every demo a thousand photos are taken and 95% of us are caught on camera at some point. When Nazis, UAF infiltrators and trouble makers are booted out of a demo get a photo! Compile the photos into posters and have them at the muster points before demos. Hand them out to stewards the DA's and RO's.

That way, if these people are spotted they can be turfed out before they have a chance to cause the trouble that’s giving us a bad name!!!

Another simple bit of self-policing at demos that’s easy to do - kick people out for wearing things like 'blood and honour' tops! They're not exactly undercover! I know that a lot of the colour meanings behind laces and braces have died out too; but it still may be worthwhile keeping a eye on people in red laces, etc?

No Surrender


  1. The image I am afraid is not strong enough! I have just seen the video of the EDL guy getting punched by the shitslamite.

    All mosque complexes are being built with gyms, sometimes swimming pools and tennis courts.When you look at mahounds they don't strike you as particularly active types.

    The guy that launched the punch has obviously done body-building and boxing: he knew exactly what he was doing and did it effortlessly.

    All the boys learn judo or karate and then move on to boxing and weight-training. Maybe the girls do too.

    We need to catch up! No Surrender EVER!!

  2. spot on !!Juniper, If you can find a copy of Abu Hamza university lecture toure 1997 /98i think it was ,when he was giving lessons on terror tactics against planes using steel webs and balloons to cause chaos, the muslim community then were pumping iron in preparation for future,as said their parents were brow beaten and subversive, i quized a muslim in college and he confirmed this,also stating those unable to attend karate clases were copying moves off pc fight games ,they were that certain that the nation of Islam will call them as soon as their numbers were stronger ,by that he meant the 3rd or 4rth generation pakistani migrant in the UK.. he also described the taliban and alqueda and their 4 x4 pickup vehicles ,years before media,spotlight,,they were attending camps 15 years ago