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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

More Dudley Mega-Mosque Taqiyya from the DMA [Jihad Watch]

- from Jihad Watch

The attitude and approach of these developers are strikingly similar to those of the Ground Zero mega-mosque's backers: they are demanding sensitivity while showing none, building ostentatiously and acting aggressively, and then gnashing their teeth about "intolerance."

Suppose these obnoxious structures planned for Dudley were part of a mall or a sports arena. When non-religious developers act like this, community members rightfully demand transparency, and air their concerns about the impact of the project on the character of the area. No one gets called a shopper-phobe, or anti-athletics. Indeed, calling the planned structures "obnoxious" wouldn't ruffle any feathers.

But Islam's sense of supremacy, entitlement, and triumphalism demands a free pass, and Islamic groups get that pass all too often through attempts to blackmail critics (and fence-sitters with questions) with accusations of racism, fascism, and "Islamophobia." That behavior, their agenda, and funding of the building project itself must be questioned, scrutinized, and exposed. It's the least that would be done for any massive, disruptive development project.

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