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Monday, 27 September 2010

List of UK Firms which Sell Halal Produce

- Thanks to Ruby and othe EDL

Start emailling these companies people and let them know that we don't want halal meat forced onto us.

Tesco customer service:

Sainsbury customer service:

Asda customer service:

Co-op customer service :

Waitrose customer service:


All bar one (refused to specify)

Beefeater (3/4 poultry is halal)

Brewers fayre (3/4 poultry is halal)

Browns (refused to specify)


East Midlands Trains

Harvester (refused to specify)

KFC (certain outlets)

Subway (certain outlets)

Table table

Toby carvery (refused to specify)

O' Neill's (refused to specify)

Mid Staff NHS



Guys & St Thomas

Nearly all Indian restaurants (85% are owned Bangladeshis formerly East Pakistan)

Nearly all kebab shops

Virtually all NZ lamb


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