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Monday, 27 September 2010

Lancaster Unity: Hate Site [by For Our Country]

- by For Our Own Country

Denise Garside and Ketlan Ossowski are the main two who control the hate website Lancaster Unity. The hatred and bile towards the EDL from Lancaster Unity, would make Gobbels blush.

Ketlan Ossowski lives in Lancaster, but is originally from South London. Typical hypocritical leftie, claims to be all multi cultural, but flees to Lancaster with a small Islamic population.

Here is a piccy of Ketlan being hard, lol:

[He must be hard - he's not holding his cig and he's got a nose ring. Actually, isn't this the guy who does those consumer shows on BBC1? You know, that annoying cockernee.]

Apparently he was involved in animal rights campaigns. His finest hour in the animal rights movement, it is alleged, was when he threw rocks at fishermen and their families on a river.

Lesbian Denise Garside lives in Norfolk, so she claims. Garside says she came to anti-fascism years ago after her and her girlfriend were attacked by ''fascist skinheads''. Almost certainly a load of bollocks, as Denise is a compulsive liar.

What is amazing, is that she is in fact a hard-line right wing Tory, and it is claimed, a former member of the notorious Tory Monday club.

Here is a piccy of Denise:

[She also contributes to Adrian Goldberg's 'the Stirrer Forum' - an extremely nasty piece of work - even her mother thinks so.]

Garside will never, ever, say a word about the abuse of women in Islam, nothing. Being a lesbian you would think she would have something to say about the abuse and killing of gays in Islam.
Nope: not a word.

She is an establishment toady, who many in anti-fascism believe to be working with Special Branch.

Like Ketlan, Denise is not very keen to live in a multi-cultural community. No surprise there.

Lancaster Unity regularly post hateful articles against the EDL. During the build up to the Bradford demo, Garside should have been nicked, given her inflammatory articles on Lancaster Unity, whipping up the tension with the intent it seemed, for there to be serious trouble on the day.

Garside is the type of individual who would have collaborated with the Germans had they invaded Britain in the last war. The type of individual who is on the side of authority, always, no matter how bad or wrong.

The World has always produced scum such as Garside.

Lancaster Unity knows how to really hate.

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