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Monday, 20 September 2010

An ‘Islamophobic’ British Police Force?

The British police, generally, has a virtual ‘hands-off-Muslims policy’. And not just when it comes to rioting in Dudley, Birmingham, Bradford and whatnot. It also is largely the case when it comes to Muslim drug-pushing, pimping non-Muslim girls, gang violence, and, last but not least, the propagation of militant Islam in mosques.

The current police have been shaped in Tony Blair’s politically-correct image – or at least New Labour’s. ‘Diversity training’. ‘Community cohesion’. ‘Community outreach’. ‘Interfaith enabling’. ‘Embracing diversity’. ‘Cultural sensitivities’. ‘Hate speech’. ‘Islamophobia’. ‘Islam is sweet’.

The Oxbridge cultural Marxists have carried out their silent revolution on the police and on so much else.

Of course, all of this comes from the top down. The average copper knows that most of this PC stuff is a load of ****. However, the job pays well. And if he has to handle the Koran in kid gloves, warn terrorists that their houses are going to be searched, put mittens on the feet of his police dog… then so be it. Perhaps they will be able to go on three holidays next year and get another car for the wife.

And if Sharia is introduced, then, as the Arsebishop of Canterbury said, its only ‘common sense’ to amalgamate it with democratically-decided law. What a stoning between friends at an InterFaith (the New Faith) meeting? Stoning and cliterodectomies are exotic and deeply brown.

Bradford and Keighley police definitely have a virtual hands-off-Muslims policy.

In Keighley, near Bradford, the hands-off-Muslims policy had reached ridiculous levels when I lived there. Scores of ‘unemployed’ Muslim youths parade around the town in their fast and flash cars, untouched by the police. Cars bought by drugs money from the Crack/Heroin Jihad against the white kuffar of the Keighley council estates. The Muslim taxi drivers too, were knee deep in criminal shit and the police knew it.

And have you heard about the trouble with the social services in Birmingham recently? Don’t they too have a hands-off-Muslims policy? That is why they have systematically failed in Birmingham – because ‘respecting cultural sensitivities’ is more important than saving children’s lives. Indeed cliterodectomies, according to feminist research, have been given the go-ahead in many of the UK’s ‘culturally diverse communities’ – or at least the social services have simply looked the other way.

Now take the case of Birmingham’s Assistant Chief Constable Sharon Rowe.

A couple of months ago she abased herself in front of foaming and screaming Muslims at an anti-CCTV ‘rally’ in Birmingham. (This has been clipped off the video below, which was made by Stop the War!) Her crime? Attempting to stop Islamoterrorism in some of the worst conviction-spots in the UK.

Then, some time after this, that very same woman was in charge of a police policy which systematically allowed non-Muslims to be attacked by rioting Muslims in Dudley – hands-off, eh? West Mids Police deliberately let English Defence League demonstrators out of their car-park fold in dribs and drabs so that Dudley’s Muslims could 'sort them out’. That’s exactly what happened.

That’s also why Sharon Rowe stopped up to a thousand EDL from going to the demo in Dudley.

I too was let out of that demo, along with a handful of other EDL. We too were set upon by marauding Muslims. We too were sent in the direction of Muslims by WMP - to receive ‘a good kicking’ by a far greater number of Muslims. All this was deliberately done by WMP! Rather than protect the public, the EDL was that day's sacrificial lamb to the WMP’s political correctness and Islamophilia.


*) Oh! And don't forget this example of police Islamophilia - or was it cowardice?

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