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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Islam is a Religion. Therefore it Must be a Good Thing.

This morning, on BBC 1’s Breakfast Show, there was a piece about Scientology and about the fact that Scientologists are not allowed any contact with family members who are not themselves members. It also stressed the fact that if someone leaves the religion, they are cut off from the religion and are given a pretty hard time. Does this remind you of anything? Does it remind you of a certain religion? Does it remind you of Islam?

So all those hushed and ominous words (from Charlie Stayt and Sian Williams) about Scientology, would never be cast at Islam. And Islam is far worse than Scientology. Apostates - those who leave Islam - are killed for doing so. That killing of former Muslims is inscribed in Islam itself. It goes back to Mohammed. Yet we never hear much about the killing of apostates, do we? Certainly not on shows like the Breakfast Show. We hear about Scientology loons, but nothing about Islam as it is in itself. Sure, there are stories about Islamoterrorists and stuff. But they are seen as ‘misunderstanders’ or ‘distorters’ of Islam. We never hear about the Koran itself. Its anti-Jewish diatribes; its hundreds of passages of violent jihad; its many passages telling Muslims not to befriend Christians, etc. Never a word. Not even a breath.

Instead, we hear about Scientology and the foibles of the Catholic Church. All those trendy Londoners marching against the Pope. They wouldn’t dare do the same against Islam. They are cowards. They will only go where the Hipness and the Otherness are - and nowhere else. These people will march against Catholicism while the Islamists and Muslims turn this country into a sharia/Islamic state. And why? Because Islam must be supported because some obscure text by Marx or Lenin said that the Oppressed 'must always be supported' – even when the oppressed is bombing and killing you. Even when the Oppressed are not really oppressed but only Brown and Exotic (in the Edward Said style). The Pure Other. The saintly Other. All those who are the victim of the New Racism where the Brown and Black Exotic can do no wrong. These middle-class leftists and liberals are still paying for the sins of their ancestors.

Why? Because Islam is officially a religion not a ‘cult’. But why isn’t it a cult? Is it a question of ‘size matters’ or ‘one billion Muslims can’t be wrong’? Yes they can! Circa 1936 there were well over 300 million Nazis and fascists in Europe and beyond. Circa 1940/50s there were about one billion Maoists, Communists, Trots, etc. Size or numbers does not constitute truth.

That’s why Islam gets off the hook – simply because it’s a religion. Not only that. A ‘monotheistic’ religion! Thus it simply cannot be malign. That becomes an almost definitional point. Let’s say it again:

Islam is a monotheistic religion. Therefore it cannot be malign.

Is that all it takes to excuse Islam – the fact that it is a religion? Thus it never gets the kind of criticism Nazi and Communist parties get. It doesn’t even get the kind of criticism conservative or socialist parties get. Come to think of it. It doesn’t get the kind of criticism other religions get. Think, again, of the protests against the Pope the other week. There is no chance in hell there would be anything remotely equivalent to that against Islam or Muslim leaders. Firstly, Muslims wouldn’t allow it. Secondly, the hordes of leftist and liberal Muslim enablers, from councillors to politicians to academics, would not allow it. Islam, therefore, is quite literally sacrosanct – unlike just about everything else.
Give us Scientology not Islam! Islam Kills!


  1. Off topic but just checking headlines on left, Leicester Mercury: Ciaran fagan seems to be the police pet:

  2. From fagan's twitter page:

    @InspBillKnoppJust to be clear, it's The very reverend Chief Supt Knopp isn't it. A few words in tomorrow's about Pakistan Indepedence Day.
    3:50 AM Aug 11th via web

  3. Another brilliant analysis. I would like to see the authorities pressed to define "religion", as I can't see any difference between islam and any number of dangerous cults.