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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Global Threat From Jewish Terrorism

Ever heard Leftists slag off the Jews? Ever heard Muslims or Islamists slag off the Jews? Not much? Just all the time. Yet despite everything the far left and Muslims say and write about Israel, the Jews and Judaism, and in spite of all the things Hezbollah, Hamas, American academia, the media generally, etc. have said about Israel, Jews and Judaism, Trots still have the audacity to say that

‘it is still possible to say things about Islam that are simply unacceptable for Judaism.'

Yes, you read it correctly. The SWP/UAF, etc. actually believe this. (Or so they pretend.) What planet do they live on? That proposition is literally the exact opposite of the truth.

When you criticise Islam, the Koran or Mohamed, the whole world tumbles down upon you. Or, more specifically, people are killed, assassinated, riots ensue, places are bombed, etc.
-Have these Islamic enablers forgotten about Salma Rushdie, the Danish cartoons, the Gateshead Koran-burners, Pim Fortuyn, the death threats on Geert Wilders (well, on all non-Muslims), Theo van Gogh and the numerous other Islamic acts of fluffiness?

Worse that that, leftist academics, en masse, come to defence of Islam. And they do so without question. Not only that, the UK state and councils get in on the act. They talk about ‘hate speech’, ‘hate crimes’, ‘Islamophobia’ and pass laws to stop people criticising Islam, the Koran or Mohammed.

How many bombs go off when someone criticises Judaism or the Jews? How many riots ensue? Do ‘offences’ or ‘insults’ against Jews get fiercely debated in the UN or anywhere else for that matter? Does the Organisation of the Jewish Conference (OJC) debate it? No. Because it doesn't exist! (Neither do any Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, etc. equivalents.) The Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), on the other hand, does exist. And it’s very powerful both within the United Nations and outside it. It discusses Israel and ‘Islamophobia’ all the time and tries to create laws that are little less than examples of Sharia Law for the entire planet.

Far from it being the case that criticism of Judaism or the Jews is ‘unacceptable’, it is in fact de rigueur in left wing and academic circles. You are often ostracised if you don’t criticise the Jews…. sorry, the Israelis (their religion of ‘the chosen people’ and their God as a ‘real estate agent’). On the other hand, Islam is treated as if it’s the greatest and fluffiest religion going by people who twenty years earlier had not given it a moment’s thought.

So what are we doing wrong? We are not studying Islam correctly. In order to study Islam correctly we must read Marx and numerous post-Marxists. No wonder we’re getting Islam and Muslims all wrong. God knows what we did before Marx. God knows what academics can do without Marx and the post-Marxists.


  1. That still image you show from a muslim kids' TV show is shocking.

    I've personally heard British muslims say "when Israel has no more allies left, my people will invade Israel and we will eat the bodies of every jewish man, woman and child". The crowd of muslims standing round him all nodded in agreement.

    I'd never been able to grasp the barbaric hatred of pogroms and massacres until I saw and heard that for myself.

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  3. FYI: Karl Marx was the son of a rabbi. To me, it is clear he was jealous of his father's belief and thought he could produce a belief system that was better. In other words, the complete opposite to Judaism.