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Sunday, 12 September 2010

EDL Leafletting - Urgent! (the small things matter) [by LutonLukeEDL]

- by LutonLukeEDL

Following the media's decision to ignore Muslim scum, burning flags in the most disrespectful and disgraceful manner ever yesterday, the constant misinformation about the EDL in the media and the popular idea of Islam as a 'religion of peace', I think it's time for a new operation - EDL Truth Movement.

This is my idea - we produce a leaflet, or several different ones, and spread them about. In particular, there are a lot of town centres where Muslims spread their own sugar-coated versions of their bullsh1t religion and convert kids. Any place they are, we should be too.

We should also hand them out at our demos, hand them out at churches, Royal British Legions... anywhere where our views might fall on sympathetic ears.

I need two things from all of you - suggestions for what should be in the leaflet and volunteers who'd put in some work to get these out in their area.

One thing is clear - we are going to keep getting surrounded by MDL, MAC and their friends the OB. We need new people to join our cause, and we need them now.


  1. Good idea: simple explanation of islam and how there is no such thing as moderate shitslam.How non-muslims are second class citizens even though they work to keep the 'slimes in dole money: jizya, etc. A few quotes people can look up on internet. What they plan to do to this country, finally, most importantly, what the EDL do! I will subcribe by email and send some stuff.

  2. You should compere Mohammad to Jesus Christ because the evidence is out there to prove That Mohammad was a Hateful WarLord Dictator and that Jesus only Promoted Love and Peace via Words not War. Compere our Great Nation to Muslim Ruled Middle East Nations and the evidence speaks for its self...

    Ps I would Gladly Hand out Leaflets In my spear time to locals and spread the word for the sake of my Children future and ENGLAND!! N/S