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Friday, 17 September 2010

Britain: 2020 [by Mikey Franks]

- By Mikey Franks, of EDL Leeds Division

“It’s on one thing. It’s Britain 2020. The nation has been in recession for over 10 years. People are living in poverty on the streets of Britain. Food is in short supply and the health-care system is no longer functioning.

The State is unable to cope with Britain's 74 million citizens. Whole cities are lawless and gangs as well as militant groups have divided area-codes into their ‘turf’; mainly because of the drugs trade and deep-rooted race and religious issues.

The Government has been unsuccessful in returning order to our nation for 4 years now - mostly because our military forces are fighting to return Europe to the European Union Government after the Mujahid and the United Arab Nations invaded Europe via Spain and Turkey and now control most of Southern Europe.

This was possible because Iran used Nuclear Weapons against Israel and also against American and NATO bases throughout the Middle East. In the dreadful aftermath of the attacks, nuclear winter caused chaos in Europe and the USA and prevented any quick military response from the Western world. The USSR aligned its self with the United Arab Nations; along with China and Japan - who launched their own campaign against Australia and the USA.

The Mujahid declared Jihad on Europe on September 11th 2015 and 100s of 1000s of European Muslims aligned their selves with the Jihadists. A bloody war stared from within Paris. France now lies in ruins. Only a few small areas between Calais and Saint-Quentin, 100s of miles North-East of Paris, remain accessible to mainly British and German Troops.

Marshall Law was declared across Britain and the City of London became a fortified safe-house for the Ruling Class. The British Army have established bases in Dover, Portsmouth, Exeter, Plymouth, Great Yarmouth, Kings Lynn, Grimsby, South Shields and St Andrews. They have lost most major cities to urban warfare. East-London, Birmingham and Bradford are now under Muslim rule and are now pushing out into other areas daily. Britain's only hope now is its Nationalist Freedom Fighters holding the front lines around our cities.

The volunteers of the EDL now police the streets of Leeds because the immigrant gangs and lawless youths are roofless. But they don't fight for religion or this country - they fight for money, drugs and commit murder and rape daily. We punish anybody found committing rape or murder with death on the spot and keep the peace the best we can amongst the area-codes.

We call ourselves ‘the Infidels’ and everybody chips in. Men fight on the front line in Bramley or police the streets. Women prepare food and make bombs and the other equipment needed. They also look after the kids and play nurse for injured infidels.

Life now is a million miles away from 2010. We are living in hell compared to life before 2015.

My son has never had the chance to finish school and I pray everyday that none of my family is killed. Looking back on all the events leading up to 2015, we could have stopped this happening. Our Government could have done more to prevent this civil war in Britain by acting on the radical Muslim Groups which preached hate. They could also have capped immigration years ago.

I have little hope that Britain will return to its former first-world status. We fight everyday for survival and count on only one thing:

We Will Never Surrender. We Will Never Surrender.


  1. Cheer up, If muzzies in Briton ever... ever attempted to seize a town in Briton the gloves come off ...they have no industry, no access to raw materials, food, energy, water, or resupply. Siege and blockade would destroy their population in short order. The ethnic differences would make the vast majority easy to spot. The trick will be not letting racists go on killing sprees targeting all non-whites and they would miss white muslims. The muslims in Britain are not for the vast part an indigenous,
    people without resupply and support from a productive local population they will be obliterated in short order.

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