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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Bradford - A Diary of the EDL in Hostile Land [EDL: Macclesfield Division]

The English Defence League was taunted and told day after day that it would never dare come to Bradford. The racist Muslims that live in this country taunted the EDL week after week saying that it only goes to places in which it knows it will never get challenged in.

The fact is that the EDL have been to Manchester and Bolton, both just a few miles from huge Muslim areas, just like Stoke, Dudley, Nottingham, Leeds, Newcastle. . . . .The sad truth in this country there are now so many Muslim areas that the EDL will always be demonstrating close to a city that has Muslims who hate non-Muslims.

The day started with Wetherspoons in Manchester refusing to serve any EDL members. So we all went to the Piccadilly Tavern. Wetherspoons has allowed the EDL in many pubs around the country and not one had been damaged so this was a surprise and as usual the pub we met in made a lot of money and had no trouble at all.

As usual with the EDL, the organisation was not the best, people asking everyone what train they are getting. This had already been sorted but it was decided to split up into 2 groups and catch separate trains. As it happened, the first group missed their train so we all headed to Halifax together.

On the train from Victoria to Halifax there was a number of Asian, Muslim, Chinese people who it has to say looked very nervous. This is what the media hatred towards the EDL has caused. As they left the train at Rochdale, a couple of EDL spoke to them and they were fine. I must stress that no one on that train was abused or treated differently at all.

We arrived in Halifax where we was supposed to gather in 2 pubs yet the police kept us for 45 mins in a car park and made us wait for coaches. Once on the coaches we were then driven for 45 mins on a coach to Bradford. We were driving in circles a lot of the time and the copper in charge on the coach told us we were going to a pub on the outskirts of Bradford. Bullshit . . . .we was taken to the demo site and put straight in the site.

The one thing the Media has failed to tell people is how the fuck did the racist UAF and the racist Muslims were allowed within 20 yards of where the EDL demo site was. They were taunting the EDL with Muslim flags including ‘Muslim against crusades’ flags and all the Palestinian crap they come out with.

Everything was peaceful until Muslims started to taunt EDL. And then let’s get this made very clear . . . . the first missile was thrown by Muslim people into the EDL area. The media seems to forget this. The police still allowed them to taunt us - yet imagine if the EDL were within 20 yards of their demos. This on its own was a clear police set up.

Also, why was their a gap left in the demo site right next to the racist Muslim and UAF thugs? The gap where the metal detectors were should have been the only way in and out but the police left this huge gap only protected by police vans. They let Muslims and UAF taunt us where the gap was and ONLY when EDL returned missiles did they start to move the racist scum away from the EDL.

Now lets see where the 2nd lot of trouble started. It was when the police started to advance in the area for EDL members and when they cleared the area on the hill they allowed hostile Indymedia photographers to come within 10ft of the EDL. These scum have printed lies about the EDL so members have lost their jobs and constantly accuse us of being racist.

You put up with the lies of these scum everyday of the week. So what do the police expect when they let them within touching distance? The sooner the police stop these hostile scum who report lies about us anywhere near us the better. This is what started the EDL trying to break police lines.

When the police removed this lying scum from the area the pushing and shoving stopped. The speeches went very well and also the music from Anglo Saxon. The next flashpoint was when Muslim youths started to try and break police lines across the road. The funniest thing was when a few got through. They shit it and walked back behind the police line - WHAT’S THE FUCKING POINT? LOL.

The police then decided to hold everyone for an absolute ridiculous amount of time. This just got everyone’s back up and it was then that some EDL members climbed over the fence and things started to turn nasty.

The stone throwing by some EDL was bang out of order. At the same time, the police were ramming their batons into EDL members was also uncalled for. Some EDL got injured by fellow EDL members who were throwing the stones and rocks. Have a fucking think next time before doing all that shit lads and lasses.

The 100+ EDL that got through the building site then advanced on an area where Muslims had taunted the EDL for 2 hours on the hill up some pathway. The truth is that the EDL ran these racist scum and scattered them all over when they advanced up the hill. The EDL then walked round towards the retail park near the train station.

A video on the net clearly shows the lads outnumbered near the station yet the Muslims backed off. Everyone by now will have seen the first punch that a racist Muslim got in on an EDL lad. It was a good punch but is this not assault? It’s been posted on the net and has been viewed by so many I wonder if the police will make an arrest. I can say that the lad that got hit was on the beer the next day in his hometown. Once the punch was thrown notice on the video that the EDL lads back the racist Muslim away and put them on the back foot - fair play lads.

The Muslim Defence League is claiming a victory off one punch. It’s laughable. We came to a place that we was dared not to come. We broke through police lines (unlike the racist Muslims who bottled it when they did) and outnumbered them - took the piss. Also, have a look at the videos of the MDL / UAF when there are hundreds of them near our demo yet the police line is just 20 coppers and a couple of horses. We had 500 coppers and still tried to get through. The Muslims and the UAF talk a good game but it’s all bollocks. When it’s 50 on to 10 they go for it. Anything else - they bottle it.

It took nearly 2 hours to get everyone back on the coaches and back to Halifax. Just after we set off from Bradford we were chased up a road by around 10 racist Muslims and . . . . . . .some white youths!!!! You fuckers would be done for treason in the war you silly fuckers. We had cars full of Muslims chasing us which was laughable especially as they were chucking rocks at coaches and their number plates are clearly visible but nothing will happen to them.

At Halifax station we were held yet again like animals and by this time we had gone nearly 8 hours without food or water. It’s an absolute disgrace to be treated like this. We got back into Manchester to be met yet again by riot police. When will these lot not realise how much it costs because they overreact? Every station from Halifax to Manchester was full of police stopping people getting off the station to go for a drink.

Overall it was a good day for the EDL. We had around 1,500 - 2,000. Don’t listen to the bull that there was 700 there as I counted 25 coaches full of members at the site and that’s without others who didn’t get through or local Bradford lads. We were set up 100% by police who wanted us to kick off. Reporters were allowed into hotels overlooking the site and the police let the racist Muslim and UAF thugs within 20 yards of us.

We came to the extremist hotbed of Bradford though and I hope we will go back. They don’t own the fucking city like they think they do. They think they won a war the way they go on about it - one punch they landed . . . . . Wooooo!!!

The EDL came. We showed we will go anywhere. You will never stop us. . . . EVER


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