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Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Fabian Society Exposed [video]

(Written introduction by Road_Hog.)

The Fabian Society is a division of the Frankfurt School which believes in taking power gradually to create a pure Marxist state through the subversion of Western democratic governments. It works by the use of 'Marxist Critical Theory' - i.e. the gradual undermining of the culture, values, ethnicity, patriotism, religious values and sovereignty of a country through criticism of all it holds dear as well as through political correctness, brainwashing schoolchildren with 'politically correct thought,' mass immigration, multiculturalism, diversity conditioning and control (as now) of the press and media through sympathetic liberal forces. Preparing it to become so disembodied as a nation that it can merge seamlessly into a one world order.

Obviously the Frankfurt School's ploy to free ethnics, women and gays from an established view was commendable. But they only did so in order to re-arrest them in the handcuffs of 'victimhood status.' Fabians like Tony Blair increased surveillance and thought- and data-control, which the Tories will pretend to address as they will pretend to address immigration.

The New developing American and British Right feels that it is now important for the citizen to dissect and analyse power in the United States and the United Kingdom. Be critical of the results of cultural Marxist ideology in brainwashing the people. Power and control are what the British state now wishes in which to secure itself. Personal freedom is at stake in such a controlled society and the sceptic should investigate, and not just accept, everything that is said.

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