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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The UAF/SWP/Searchlight 'Bradford Together' Campaign in Historical Context [by Spero Meliora]

- by Spero Meliora

... the Popular Front tactic used by Stalin in the 1930s, firstly in Spain and then during the Hitler-Stalin Pact (1939-41) and how British communists formed alliances with so-called ‘progressive forces’ in order to build support for the non-aggression pact. Below are some notes I wrote on the subject...

The British Communist Party drew up the People’s Convention following the signing of the Hitler-Stalin Pact in August 1939, the purpose of which was to mobilise support for the non-aggression pact they had agreed. Although communist party members around Europe had been denouncing fascism in Spain, Italy and Germany now, following the signing of the pact, suddenly Hitler was okay! Instead of denouncing fascism, British communists now began to brand the British Government led by Chamberlain as the real enemy. (Winston Churchill became prime minister in May 1940.)

Here is how Nick Cohen describes how British communists used the People’s Convention:

“When the Second World War began, Britain faced a hot war against Nazi Germany and its supporters, and a cold war against the communist Soviet Union and its supporters. On Moscow’s orders, British communists tried to rally as many people as possible from the wider left to the new cause of going along with Hitler.” (Page 239.)

“The convention was a typical communist front organisation. It drew in naive recruits with campaigns for higher standards and better bomb shelters that no reasonable person could oppose.” (Page 239.)

One of the most famous Convention signatories was popular film actor Michael Redgrave, a man who was politically quite naive. As Nick Cohen writes:

“Many people on the Left who weren’t convinced communists went along with the deception. Vicars, trade unionists and celebrities signed the People’s Convention...” (page 242).

This ‘cold war’ against the British government continued until Hitler attacked the Soviet Union in June 1941 when British communists performed a complete U-turn and then urged support for the war against the forces of fascism!

Today’s nihilistic Left have revived the popular front tactic but this time the aim isn’t to win support for a Stalinist alliance with fascism. Instead of a People’s Convention it is the T&A’s Back the Ban petition and the aim now is to ban outspoken EDL critics of multiculturalism, political correctness and Islamisation This is the real meaning of Bradford Together’s campaign against the EDL. And just like 1939-41, the same forces are using the ploy of recruiting influential individuals to further their opportunist, illiberal aims. You have been duped.

– 23 August 2010

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