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Monday, 23 August 2010

UAF 'Outsiders' to invade Bradford on 28th August

EDL demonstraters have often been called 'outsiders' by the press and by Unite Against Fascism. Of course, PC and far-leftist 'outsiders' are OK. But not those from the EDL. If anything, UAF - and even this 'festival' - are Londoncentric and smell of London far leftism. The sad thing is that Bradford's journalists have Embraced the Diversity that is far-leftism; after all, mass gulags aren't as bad as Nazi death camps. To think that the Telegraph & Argus has no idea who is running this show. Either Bradford journalists are politically naive or they actually know that UAF, etc. are pulling the strings and writing the tunes to be sung at this 'festival'. Which is worse: naivety or complicity with far leftism?
-The following are some of the people who are involved with the counter-festival against the EDL on August the 28th in Bradford (taken from the UAF website):

"And more support is still rolling in for the event from trade unionists, activists and community organisations. Here are some of the latest names:

Kevin Courtney deputy general secretary, NUT (pic: left), Richard Miles branch secretary, Leeds College of Art UCU, Phil Turner NUJ FoC, Rotherham Advertiser, Rusty Ebrahim Hackney Unison shop steward, Paul Brandon Unite rep, Holloway bus garage, Jock Morris chair, Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees, Dave Wilson vice-chair HMRC, PCS North West regional committee, Anatolian Peoples Cultural Centre – London, Elane Heffernan convenor, Hands Off My Workmate (pc), Chris Rafferty, Sefton Unison, James Bartholomeusz, Fabian Society, Taj Mahal Curry Cabaret Club."

But let's not forget the other UAF 'outsiders': Martin Smith, UAF spokesman, Hackney, London; Weymann Bennett, London; hundreds of students from London and the Home Counties; tens of lecturers, journalists, etc. from London and the Home Counties; etc. plus Muslims from the length and breadth of the UK and beyond.

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  1. The stink of BO is appalling, even from here in the South!! LOL!!