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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Stop the Sunni-v-Shia War! [by Freedomfighetrjamesb]

- by Freedomfighterjamesb

The reason Iraq has blood on its hands, is not because of Bush/Blair. The real reason that country is eating itself up is because of the Sunni and Shia. Too many Liberals/Apologists and Conspiracy Theorists are either too afraid or too thick to look at the facts. Muslims kill Muslims.

I remember watching on TV, some USA soldiers were giving sweets to Iraq children, when a car driven by an Islamic terrorist pulled up beside them and blew his car up, killing the kids and killing and wounding the soldiers. A few of the children's mothers rushed over, but instead of them being angry with a fellow Muslim blowing their kids up, the mothers started beating the wounded American soldiers. If I had a child killed by a maniac, I would want justice against the real culprit, and the rest of his group to be accountable, not some innocent person. They behaved like that against the American troops because they were afraid - they were too weak to point their rage at the real guilty group that was responsible.

It was shameful of those women to do what they did. I was confused, so I read up on the situation, read the Koran, which was a hard slog, as I'm dyslexic. Some stuff is way over my head, but I understood more by reading books by people of experience and scholars like Robert Spencer and listening to people who speak truthfully and bravely, like the Black Colonel Allen West, who says we are not at war against terror, no more than in the 2nd World War we were at war against the Kamikaze. We are at war with an Ideology. The Ideology of Islam.

I know most religions are obviously flawed and hijacked by extremism, but there is something very clear in the Koran. It isn't about kindness and giving, like say, what Jesus was about. The Koran is about taking. I have read a biography of Mohamed, and he was a warrior, not a type of peacemaker. I admire some of the battles Mohamed won, and he is without doubt interesting and charismatic. But we must define our enemy by who wants to attack us and inflict pain and destruction on our people. Sometimes as people we need to build strength by standing together, tight, loyal and brave. And that time is now. No surrender. Never.

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  1. In islam, muhammed murdered the original AllaH.
    iN ISLAM, THE ORIGINAL ALLAH do not speak.
    In islam, the original Allah do not have holy spirit.
    So, in islam, The original Allah is dead!
    By who?
    By muhammed!