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Thursday, 26 August 2010

No Nazis or UAF/SWP Infiltrators Will Be Tolerated on the EDL Bradford Demo

[Below: seconds before the Nazi pose, this UAF infiltrator, or Trot, gave
the UAF cameraman the thumbs-up. Then he gave a
lightening-fast Nazi salute. Despicable - but 'for a good cause'?]

No Nazis or UAF/SWP infiltrators will be tolerated on the EDL Bradford demo.

If any ‘EDL’ give Nazi salutes, chant racist slogans or gratuitously attack the police, they will be UAF/SWP infiltrators or 'all-coppers-are-bastards' criminals. Deal with them accordingly.

If they are genuine Nazis, they shouldn’t be on the EDL demo in the first place. Deal with them likewise. The Nazis and racists are coming along to EDL demos because the media says that we are Nazis or racists, not because the EDL says it is Nazi or racist. The Nazis have swallowed the media anti-EDL propaganda in full. Thus they are making fools of themselves!

As for the short-termists who have just come along for a scrap - they don’t care about fighting militant Islam and the implantation of sharia law. They just want a fight. Do these people honestly think that some tiny and local scraps with UAF/SWP and even the police are going to destroy the might and propaganda of millions of Islamists and their far-left enablers?

When it comes to very young people at the demo; if they don’t really know what the EDL is about, or are not even that bothered about the rise of Islam in the UK, then they shouldn’t be at the demo either. Why ruin the fight against Islamism as a whole just for the sake of a few light scraps? What about your children in the future? What about England in the future?

Mindless hooliganism will end in the defeat of the EDL, not its victory. We should channel our aggression and rage in constructive ways. Ways which may well be long-term in nature but nevertheless successful in the long run.

It may look back infighting between EDL at the demo... but no! We will be fighting with Nazis and UAFs who are pretending to be EDL. We should make this clear to the media if any infighting does occur. Such in-fights have happened before at EDL demos between EDL stewards and EDL fakes.

Despite all that, of course EDL members should defend themselves, with all the means necessary, if attacked by UAF/SWP, Muslims or even the police. That is not 'EDL thuggery'. It is survival and self-respect.

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