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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Muslim leader calls for Bradford demo to be halted [Telegraph & Argus]

- 3rd August 2010, by Marc Meneaud

A peace organisation has urged Bradford’s Muslim community not to retaliate should the English Defence League (EDL) march in the city. ['Peace organisation'? It's not a peace organisation! It's a religion - a sect. That is an example of very bad journalism. Unless this is how Ahmadiyyas classify themselves. If that's the case, it sounds to me like a gimmicky self-classification. It's as if the Ahmadiyyas have found a unique Islamic selling point for their sect. Something which distinguishes it from other Muslim sects - the very fact that they are interested in peace and not war. Actually, that is something!
Why should a mere 'march in the city' require 'retaliation' anyway, even if the Ahmadiyyas are calling for no such retaliation? It at least shows us that many Muslims in Bradford think that retaliation to a mere march is justified. Do non-Muslim Bradfordians think this too?]

Dr Mohammed Iqbal, president of the Bradford branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, has backed the Telegraph & Argus campaign for the Home Secretary Theresa May to ban the planned Bank Holiday demonstration by the EDL. [Of course Dr Mohammed Iqbal has backed a call for the banning of a march by an anti-Islamist and anti-Sharia law group! Incidentally, even if the Ahmadiyya sect is into 'peace', whatever that means, it is still thoroughly in favour of sharia law - full sharia law! Would turkeys vote for Christmas?]

Thousands of members of the group plan to swamp the city centre with supporters in what it has called “The Big One” on August 28.

Dr Iqbal said: “Ideally, I would like to think that the Home Secretary should step in and stop the march – that would be the best thing for all of us. [No. Not 'for all of us' - whatever he means by 'us'. Just for Muslims, really.
'Stop' the march? That is, ban the march. Let's not mince words here. It is the banning of a march which is being talked about here. And banning a march is a very un-democratic thing to do. Still, no one should be surprised that Muslims are keening on banning the march. They are keen on banning many things - the Satanic Verses, the Danish cartoons, Fitna, etc.]

“I have had a discussion with all the political figures about this and the last thing we want is trouble.” ['All the political figures'? Not quite! Not with the EDL itself. And probably not with many other 'political figures' - probably all the political figures who would disagree with him.]

He added: “If it is not stopped at that level, then it must not be used as an excuse for violence and disorder. If it is, then they (The EDL) will win and that would be a tragedy for all of us.” [What, exactly, will the EDL 'win', as Iqbal puts it? I'm curious about what he means by that. Win the right to march or demonstrate, for example? That's not much to win, is it? And if the EDL wins, how, exactly, will that 'be a tragedy for all of us'? And not 'for all of us' at all. Not for the thousands of supporters of the EDL in Bradford, for instance!]

Dr Iqbal said he believed the march had been planned for “inflammatory” purposes and urged Muslims in Bradford not to “fall into the trap” set by the EDL. [Muslims, as the news and history show clearly, do not need much of an excuse to be inflamed. They riot at the drop of a hat, in fact. They kill over books and cartoons. And that's just the beginning of it. If anything, many Muslims need non-Muslim 'traps' in order to rationalise their rioting, killing and bombing. If there are no traps, then they must/will invent them, no problem.]

Already, the umbrella organisation Bradford Together has collected more than 7,000 signatures in support of the ban. [That not a lot of signatures if you bear in mind that the population of Bradford is around 250,000 or more. Also, when the Telegraph & Argus first launched its campaign to ban the EDL demo, did they forecast that very many - the majority - of the 'comments' in its pages would back the EDL? I don't think it did. And that's why they deleted many pro-EDL comments and then stopped the 'comments' section in mid-flow. Clearly, this large pro-EDL backlash was not forecast. The T & A simply does not understand Bradfordians - at least not on this issue.]

Supporters include the Unite union, Bradford Chamber of Trade, Bradford University, Bradford Council for Mosques, MPs, councillors and members of the public. [Many of the usual leftist and Islamist suspects! Many of whom have careers to think about. Criticising Islam or Muslims, even in a miniscule way, would be simple career-death in Bradford.]

The EDL says it is opposed to “Islamification”. It has held demonstrations in Leeds, Luton, Birmingham, Bolton and Dudley in recent years. [The EDL says it is opposed to "Islamification"'? 'Says it..?' Does that mean: The EDL says it is opposed to Islamification, but really it isn't. It is in fact for racism and fascism. Something like that, eh? Or: The Green Party SAYS it wants to protect the environment.]

T&A readers can backthe ban by signing our petition calling for the Home Secretary to outlaw the march planned for Saturday, August 28. [Again, to 'outlaw' the march? To 'stop' the march? What about: To ban the march? That's more like it!]


  1. I think I will write a letter to this cretinous dhimmi, and ask him how he felt about his precious Ahmadiyyas getting murdered by the Pakistanis and indonesians as they consider Ahmadiyyas APOSTATES!

    If he lived in any muslim country, the dear "Doctor" would be mincemeat by now!!

  2. PS, I wonder why they have disallowed comments on that piece, in the newspaper?? The little nazis!