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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Is the EDL Doing Enough? [by Scott_Lee)

- by Scott_Lee

Are we really doing enough to preserve our culture and a future for our children?

Is it enough that once in a while we take to the streets, make some noise, cause a fuss and then blend back into what is left of our divided society? We hang up our EDL wear, crack open a beer and sit our arses down in our comfy chairs and wait until the next demo and then do it all again. Rinse and repeat!

In the between time we return to our existences in our respective communities; more often than not hiding our support for our movement that for the most part is reviled by the media and some sections of our society. Some of us participate in our spare time on Facebook, blogs, this and other forums.

But is this enough? How does any of this defend our culture or our future? How does any of this preserve our dying culture or defend our ever-more-divided communities?

Yes we are gaining support - but to what end? Couldn't and shouldn't we be doing more?

I personally have a lot of free time on my hands and this weekend was just like so many before, drink, sleep, wank, eat but not necessarily in that order. I also have plenty of time to think, sometimes too much and recently I have been getting very down about the state of our country and I, like all of us, am very concerned for the future, not just for myself but for all of us, our children especially. After all, it is them that we are leaving behind but what are we leaving for them?

This leads me on to my thoughts on what I think that we should be doing for ourselves and our communities. Not because we want to be seen to be good people but because we are good people. Not because we want the press to see a different side to us - fcuk them! But because we want the community to see who we really are and because we want to give them something positive to remember us by.

Community Projects

Clearing ponds, streams and rivers. Clearing waste land for children to play on. Tidying sh1thole estates. Helping our elderly do their shopping, mend a fence, fix a leaking tap, etc...


Youth clubs and other youth activities. Securing Government or lottery funding for youth projects and equipment. Computer clubs, football and martial arts, to name but a few.

These are just a few ideas I have been mulling over and I know they have been mentioned on here before and many of us said they were great ideas but that is all they were and they were never followed through because we are all guilty of apathy and laziness. We are all so wrapped up in our own existences that we barely give a thought for anybody else. Say what you like about the Muslims, but the one thing they have is community and it is them and other communities that are dividing and diluting our culture; which, unless we do something more, will wither away and die, only to be replaced by something that none us want. So why are we letting this happen and what are we doing about it?

We need to be smarter. We need to be more proactive in our respective communities. Not just to raise awareness about the dangers that we face from Islam; but also the dangers that we face from allowing ourselves to be divided and subjugated by the very cultures that threaten our own. We need to rebuild and strengthen our communities and strive to preserve our culture at all cost before it is too late.

We have the people. We have the know-how. All we need is the resolve.

EDL in my opinion needs to be a lot more than what it is doing now. I'm sorry if this goes against the grain or I have made myself look a complete twat for writing all of this; but I won’t apologise for being of the opinion that just turning up on demo day is enough.



  1. You might be surprised to learn that the EDL have a dedicated Support Group made up of volunteers with professional skills that do a lot of background work in between protests and a lot of our projects are covert or are carried out discreetly due to the wishes of those people that ask for our help.

    Thought you should

  2. I can't see many people sending their kids off to be indoctrinated by the EDL at some sordid Hitler Jugend camp.

    Best stick to what you are good at - wanking

  3. When I read stuff coming from people that call themselves "Northeastbloke" and infer that the EDL are nazis, I either laugh or throw up!

    Pretending to be something you are not is essentially a UAF/muzzie pasttime. NEB is an ignorant muzzie lover who is quite happy to sit on his bony backsite, combing his bald-patch and yes, wanking over some kiddie-porn. Get on down to your local mosque and ask them if you can lick their floors for them. Its too much to ask to get you to actually READ a book.

  4. How am I pretending to be something I am not? As for books, I have read more books than you have burnt.
    Get a life and get a job