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Monday, 23 August 2010

Important Info for Bradford EDL Demo [Macclesfield Division]

- From the EDL's Macclesfield Division website

IMPORTANT NEWS---------------------------------

The EDL have been threatened with violence from asian youths if we go to Bradford and also have been told we will be attacked as we make our way for a peaceful protest.

1, Do not post any meeting points or travel arrangement on Facebook or any other Internet sites that can be visable to those who want to turn our peaceful protest into violence and attack the EDL.

2, If you are travelling by coach then get in touch with your divisions by private message on facebook or ask admin for details. you can find the EDL fan page on our links page.

3, For those travelling on train then also get in touch with your regional organiser and ask for details. Travel in numbers and do not leave youself open to attacks by these cowards.

4,The Asian population and the violent UAFwill most likely be tooled up and ONLY attack people when they outnumber them. If you meet up with these violent thugs then you have a right to defend yourselves. They wont attack you if the numbers are even. FACT!!

5,The demo details will be released around Wednesday, we will go into Bradford, have our peaceful demo and leave. if they want to riot and cause trouble then it will show the world who the mindless racist thugs are.

6, If you meet any fellow EDL members on the way to the demo and they are on there own or in small numbers then ask them to travel with you, ANYONE who is white in and around Bradford on the day will be open to attack from these thugs.

7, If the West midlands police treat us with respect then please show them we are not far right racist thugs some claim we are. BE WARNED - IF YOU TRY AND BREAK THROUGH POLICE LINES OR BARRIERS YOU ARE RISKING ATTACK WHEN ROAMING AROUND THE STREETS OF BRADFORD.There will be thousands of racist asians hunting EDL on the day. if the numbers are even they will walk away but if they outnumber you they will attack.

8, Look out for each other, help people if they are not sure where they or going, if the police try and split us into small groups when leaving the demo like in Dudley then REFUSE to leave until everyone is together.

9, The EDL will come under attack and we will be intimidated by violent UAF/Asian racists who want to harm us. stand strong, stand together and hold your heads high. we are there for a peaceful protest but if we come under attack we will defend ourselves. Stay safe and remember

No Surrender


English Defence League

Islamic extremists have turned parts of Bradford into no-go areas for non-Muslims, a Church of England bishop claims.

Well the English defence League can & will protest anywhere.

Bradford Is still on!!!!

Certain Asians in Bradford think they can turn our city into no go areas for whites, they have a hatred of the English people and English culture and want to turn an English city into Lahore.

Many more Asians are happy with the English culture and are happy to live in our country, and their country , as they were born here and live by our rules.

The EDL are sick of groups thinking they can destroy our culture and our heritage, and no English person should feel threatened in our country.

The EDL are coming to Bradford.


I work in Oldham and live close by. I speak to people from many different countries at my place of work and one lad from Pakistan has no idea I am a member of the EDL. I work with him. I am friends with him and appreciate his way of living in this country.

He has friends who strongly oppose the EDL and I act thick when he mentions the EDL. According to him these Asians who love our country are insulted that English people are coming to Bradford to stand up for our Heritage.

He has told me that his friends are been pathetic by having spotters at train stations and on trains, they think we are racist and want to attack us but are scared of us!!!!!

One thing i have learnt from the past few days speaking to him is we NEED TO STICK TOGETHER in Bradford.

If lads are travelling on trains then all Divisional leaders should contact eath other and sort times , especially from Manchester as the train will pass through Ashton, Huddersfield, Leeds, etc - all places that are possible targets from Muslims who want to attack us.

In DUDLEY we split up, we know Muslims like to attack when they outnumber us 10 to 1 and when it's even numbers they are like a bunch of pussy's but we need to watch each others backs lads!!!

No Surrender!!!

Lets stick together

Macclesfield EDL's website:

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  1. Good luck to all you EDL patriots, you are doing your country proud.
    Best wishes from Canada.