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Monday, 30 August 2010

Idiot Muslim Youth [By Mikejfl]

- by Mikejfl

It's a normal Friday night in most towns, you’re off to the cinema or out down town and pretty much out for a good time. As soon as you hit the town centre and you pass by the obligatory Kebab shop you see them! it's the usual Asian posse, hanging around the shop front in their top of the range Merc or their BMW, normally Black in colour and with the ear splitting base box blasting out the Drum and Base or jungle that for most people is mind-numbingly crap. They are without doubt dripping with gold and wearing the latest Ted Baker £200 jumper and the top quality leather jacket. Without even having to question if they have weed you know instantly they have as the blue smoke is wreathed around their head and drifts across your nostrils letting you know it is the top grade skunk grown in some Asian sweatshop that hides behind the banner of Asims worldwide Exports. This is it this is England on a Friday night all over the country.

During the day you see these lads giving it the holier than though wearing their dresses with their shoddy shoes and their little round hats in the middle of winter. Yet this magical transforms them in the evening and for some reason they turn as if by magic into wannabe American gangsters equipped with all the lingo of ‘what’s happening blood?’ and ‘yo Brethren’. I ask myself the same question every time I see them and that is who are these idiots? Then it dawns on me these are the self same idiots I see on the demonstrations coming out and giving it the big one fighting for Islam and calling us bigots and racist because we dare stand up to their social abuse of our country.

Well I can live with the being branded a bigot because I know I am not a bigot nor am I a racist but I am without a doubt a hater of Islamists and I hate with a passion all Islamic Extremists. At least I am honest and I know who I am. What we see week in and week out is the biggest load of bullsh1t on this planet, every time I see these wannabe gangsters on the street corners I think of the recent demonstrations I have attended, and I ask who these idiots are!

These lads who have never left England and know no other way of life than the one the west affords them turn out to demonstrate for Islam and cry tears for their fellow Muslims and are the ones shouting the loudest for Sharia law in England. I see this and I can’t help it as I fall to the floor in bit crying with laughter and they don’t know why.

Due to the fact they won’t talk to me I attended a talk at the local council chamber on ‘community cohesion’ and bringing the communities closer by understanding their customs. This meeting had an open platform that allowed you to speech - so speech I did. I was fully aware that the EDL would be mentioned as I had phoned in the previous day to put it in the subject list, knowing that it would be mentioned a sat back and waited. No problem - they were falling over themselves to denounce the EDL and I let it all happen until it was my time to speak. My opening shot was polite in an abrupt sort of way, but it had the desired effect of creating stunned silence. I said:

“I have sat here quiet and I have never heard so much garbage in my life, I know what the situation is with the EDL as I am a supporter.”

That worked and I achieved total stunned silence from the crowed, using this shock I launched into them and started on about their youth I pointed out to them that they have a whole generation of hypocrites. Your kids and youth on one hand are acting like Muslims at home yet the moment night falls they are out in the town giving it the big one with the western gear and listening to the western music, gambling and smoking weed. Selling drugs to the western heathens and chasing the young white girls that their fathers have all ready raped over and over again since they were 12 years old. Then you have the front to come here and go on about our values and morals when you are fully aware that your kids are doing all this every night on the streets of towns and cities all over the country. What will happen when you got Sharia law in this country and you got your Islamic state you are fighting for? Have you thought about that for one second? I pointed out to them for me it’s easy your Islamists come in and I am seen as the uneducated and it is their sworn duty to re-educate me and show me the way to the one true path. What happens to your kids when we uneducated start pointing out all your young men who have been acting as wannabe gangsters, what happens to them when we point out what they have been doing and acting as these Islamists don’t care they will have them out of the community so quick you won’t be able to burn their clothes to hide the evidence. These Islamists in your communities will be making lists now as they see what is happening and they don’t care as they are believers and they will do in another Muslim at the drop of a hat.

Their lists will come out and your kids will be rounded up and taken to the nearest sports field and a bullet will be slamming into their heads before the sun goes down. The will be seen to have been abusing the prophet Mohamed over and over again as they are Muslims and they knew what they were doing. These Islamists will see that as the ultimate offence against all they believe in and will take it personal.
This had them shocked and stunned as they were for the first time thinking about the bigger picture. I rounded off with a little advice and pointed out to the parents to look at their kids and watch what they are doing because you can be sure the Islamists you are protecting in your communities will be watching you kids and taking notes all the time.

So the next time you go to a demonstration don’t just shout about Allah, which is by the way is silly as Allah is Aramaic - the language of Jesus and Mary and it translates into English as ‘God’. What you need to do if you can is shout across and point out that they are demonstrating and fighting for Islam who at the first chance will have them up against the wall.

So the big question is: Why are they that stupid that they will fight for the one thing that will without doubt put them in a box?

Idiot Muslim Youth.


  1. Brilliant! Heroic speech! if only more had the guts to stand up like you! No surrender!!

  2. I totally agree with the previous post and echo everything he says!
    The trouble is,the above, brilliant observation WILL be put down as racist and an incitement, as others have always tended to bury their heads in the sand and take the words of the Government and "do gooders" as being the truth when they denounce the likes of Reginald Sniff-Peters and his genuine take on the state of OUR country today.
    hopefully one day soon, they will come to their senses as see things as they really are.

    No Surrender Ever!!