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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

EDL Info. For the Demo in Bradford on Saturday [EDL]

Members of the EDL,

After weeks of frustration, negotiation and extremely hard work by our Police Liaison Officers and support teams we have now completed our plan for the Bradford Demonstration. This plan has been put together to ensure the best and most successful demonstration possible for our members, despite all the obstacles that have been put in place by the Old Bill and the Home Secretary.

This is the demonstration we have all been waiting for so let's go to Bradford and show that we can hold a peaceful demonstration and leave the city peacefully. Any members intent on going to Bradford to cause violence, be offensive or racist are not welcome and will be removed from the demonstration.

As usual stewards will be on hand to direct you, assist you and answer any questions you may have. Please remember that these stewards are loyal EDL members and volunteer their time and often bruises for the good of the EDL, to ensure you enjoy your day as much as possible. To often in the past the stewards have been abused and this is not on.

Demonstration Point :- The demonstration point will be the Urban Garden in the City Centre for all that wish to make there own way there, you will be able to gain entry from 1pm onwards. Please note for your own safety there will be metal detector gates and possible searches on the way into the demonstration area. The Police will also be asking anyone wearing a face covering to remove it.

For all heading by train direct to the demo point please use the Forster Square station that is right next to the demo point and you will be guided in by police.

Muster Point:- For those that want to meet up with friends and have a drink before the demonstration then we have secured 2 pubs on the outskirts of Bradford for this to happen.

If arriving by coach then your coach organiser will be issued with the postcode of the pub on Friday. If you are a coach organiser and have not been in contact with the event organisers to supply your details then please contact your Regional Organiser ASAP. Failure to do this could prevent your coach getting to the muster point.

If arriving by train and wishing to go to the muster point please ensure you arrive at Halifax train station between 10.30am and midday. There will be busses at the station to take you to the pubs between these times. If arriving at the station after this time you will need to head straight into Bradford to the demonstration point.

Please note whether heading to Halifax or Bradford on the train the British Transport Police have imposed an alcohol ban on all trains heading to Bradford and Halifax, so if you choose to risk taking alcohol expect it to be confiscated.

All cars wishing to use the muster point are advised to park in Halifax and use the free buses to the pubs.

At 12.50pm you will be guided by stewards, back onto your coaches and onto one of the 10 free Double Decker buses that the police are providing. Once everyone is on the coaches we will leave as one convoy into the demonstration area.

Following the demonstration you will be allowed to leave via Forster square station or alternatively guided back onto the busses that will take you where ever you have arranged with your driver or the free busses will take you back to Halifax train station for dispersal.

Most of all remember why we are here and this is to demonstrate against Islamic extremism not to fight with UAF, Police or anyone else. Stay safe and be sensible.

No Surrender Ever

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