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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Bradford's Telegraph & Argus: Duped by the Far Left Over the EDL Demo [by Spero Meliora]

- by Spero Meliora

So ten thousand Bradfordians have signed the T&A’s petition calling for the proposed rally by the English Defence League to be banned (11 August). Had the petition question been, ‘Should the EDL have the right to express their opposition to Islamic extremism’, perhaps a similar number would have supported that. This is borne out by opinion poll after poll which overwhelmingly show real concerns about Islamic extremism, Islamisation and even the wearing of the burka, viewed as a symbol of Islamism by many. All these issues are highlighted by the EDL.

Duped by fellow travellers of Unite Against Fascism – a front organisation of the Socialist Workers Party – local church leaders and the T&A have swallowed the SWP’s illiberal and anti-freedom of speech ideology.

Before former T&A columnist Mike Priestley retired last year his columns often contained well argued criticisms of political correctness, multiculturalism and Islamic extremism. Now we can only read such criticisms on the readers’ letters page, suggesting a sharp change has taken place at the newspaper.

It appears the T&A has been transformed into an illiberal newspaper happy to espouse the viewpoints of nihilistic revolutionary Leftists and their fellow travellers. What a shame.

- 13 August 2010

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