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Monday, 2 August 2010

After Dudley: Things Have Got to Change [by Whistle]

- by Whistle

The dust has settled on Dudley and many comments have been made, both good and bad. The leadership has had a reshuffle. Things are changing rapidly.

Having been prevented from getting anywhere near the peaceful rally by the so-called Police Service of the WMP my fellow 'brothers in arms', Harry and Bob, decided to sit down and evaluate what we think may happen in the future in light of the traitorous actions of these people in uniform.

The Police Service who will happily bust the heads of men and women who care passionately about their nation and see it being given over to people who have no right to even be here. The same Police Service (yes, I do see them as all being the same) who ran and grovelled to Muslims when they demonstrated about Palestine in London. One of the most sickening things I have ever seen. If that had been the EDL rallying then the Police would have used their full force to get the patriots off the street.

Surely you must all now see that the so-called Police Service is physically scared of the Muslims. Physically scared. They are also happy to use these Muslims as a surrogate form of muscle. Hence, they will turn a blind eye whilst Muslims attack patriots. The thinking behind this is that if enough people get attacked and see nothing being done by the very people we, as children, grew up to believe would always protect us, then fear and apathy will set in and no-one will ever rally again.

The rule of violence prevails and certain Muslims are allowed to carry on with their drug-dealing, pimping, raping and fraud without fear of the Police ever knocking on their doors. Unlike certain EDL members.

With the actual traitorous actions of Ministers, Police Officers, Judges, Councillors, etc. the enemy gets stronger by the second and the host nation dies the death of a thousand slow cuts.

Soon the time for rallies will be no more, as they won't achieve the desired effect, and may even be prevented by the so-called law.

More and more enemies are being allowed to come and live in our country every day and share our water and housing and health system and schooling. They mock our weakness.

The time is rapidly approaching where a new 'medicine' will be required in this battle for our nation. We are witnessing and participating in the most momentous days of our nation’s history, be under no illusion about that. And for our children’s sake we must prevail.

I feel it may be time for 'big boys’ rules'.

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