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Monday, 30 August 2010

After Bradford: What Now? [by Apology]

- by Apology

There is an obvious media bias against anyone raising the issue of the threat posed by Islamic Jihadism. It seems clear that the three main political parties, and the newspapers and TV, are determined not to allow anyone to raise this issue, without implying or accusing them of racism.

For example, the BBC and Sky news coverage (on Saturday evening) of the EDL demonstration was a travesty. No-one from the EDL was interviewed to explain why they were protesting. (Come to that, no-one from the UAF was interviewed either.) The police presence was shown at the EDL demonstration, but not at the UAF demo. Apparently “missiles were thrown” during the EDL demo. No attempt was made to explain why, or by whom, or even whether the people involved were really EDL supporters. The issue of Jihadism was never even mentioned! I wasn’t there, so I can’t say what exactly happened. But the mainstream media has now become, on some issues, an unreliable source of information.

If any English speaking foreigners elsewhere in the world (who haven’t necessarily been to GB or have much general knowledge about it) saw those BBC/Sky news bulletins on satellite/cable TV on Saturday night they must have been totally bemused! There was no attempt to explain the standpoint or views of ANY of the demonstrators - either EDL or UAF !

Despite the fact that I disagree with the view that all Muslims are Jihadists (as I have Muslim friends who are just as opposed to Jihadism as I am); despite the fact I’m not a BNP supporter; despite the fact that I have strong reservations about some of the ways the EDL tries to promote its message (though I 100% support its anti-Jihadist stance) I still think that

1) the EDL (and the BNP for that matter) have the right to be heard
2) the media has a duty to report their views, and at least make an effort to be objective
3) there is a problem called Islamic Jihadism, and this needs mainstream political recognition and media
4) it’s not automatically racist to say you’re opposed to Islamic Jihadism – this also needs to be acknowledged by mainstream politicians and the media
5) there is an urgent need for a wider debate in this country about what to do about extremist Jihadism
6) ordinary, moderate Muslims should make more of an effort to speak up about - and condemn - the evil
Jihadist nutters behind things such as the 7/7 bombings.

So it seems to me the question is, what is the best way to try and address these points ?


  1. Start from the ground up: produce leaflets for parents so than can re-educate their children: the stuff in schools in multi-culti brainwashing.

    Also, teachers and teaching unions have to be targeted with info.

  2. I see CAIR is screaming 'hate crime' because somebody left a plastic pig near a mosque.

    Hate crime my ass! If you want to see a real hate crime take a look at what they do to kids in the name of Allah.

    These inbred moronic retards even take offense at pot pigs in a kuffar's window.

    They may not all be active terrorists, but they all have the potential for terrorism because they all share the same murderous ideology.

    If you want your children to have a future, remove the Scummah from all positions of power in the West.

  3. Islam is not, never has been, and never will be, a race. Simple as that.

  4. An interesting article that raises some interesting points with reference to the proposed “Victory Mosque” at Ground Zero raises some very interesting points.

    Click Here to go to the article.

  5. The EDL is not alone in the way the establishment demonises it. Anyone who tries to engage in a public debate about sharia gets the same treatment. Are people familiar with the case of Thilo Sarrazin which has been making the news in Germany?

  6. The establishment are rattled when people point out reality to them, they have been living in fantasy land for so long and have got comfortable there and will not leave. People are waking up to the lies that the elite has been peddling for years and they don’t like it when they are rumbled. Their political project to engineer society according to their whims has failed and they are trying desperately to cling to the power that they gained while people still believed in their fantasies. It seems, however, that they are losing their grip.

    The way the establishment media try to demonise and undermine the EDL is a clear demonstration that the EDL is winning the war of ideas. The establishment cannot argue on the basis of facts, it therefore resorts to blatant propaganda.