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Monday, 19 July 2010

West Mids Police Give Free Reign to Muslims [by Nolongersilent]

- by Nolongersilent

... when the police did finally arrive I was pushed down the banking onto the ground TWICE so thank you to the unknown lads who helped me back onto my feet.

The more I think about it the more I realise what danger I was in - when we finally got the hell out of there we were dumped at Dudley port and told to make our own way back to the Harrier pub to get our proper coaches - we were abused by a car load of Muslims who fortunately drove off from about 3 of us when they realised there were about 10 more EDL behind us round the corner.

Anything could have happened in either of these incidents.

I was VERY lucky - at the top of the grass bank Imanaged to dodge a large brick that was flying towards my head.

I have learned a vital lesson from this - the OB will not protect us and it is VITAL that we stick together in numbers, swap mobile no's with ppl you know n trust and we have to have central numbers of ppl who have good local knowledge particular to a given demo.

We were badly outnumbered on that grass bank and but for the grace of God no-one was badly maimed or even worse.

The fact is we the EDL had little or no local knowledge with a few notable exceptions and the MET OB and West Mercia OB were in the same boat.

Who had local knowledge and utilised it to great effect?

The local Muslim youth who were hell bent on causing us serious and lasting harm.

Yes I will be in Bradford - but my God will I be prepared for that demo.

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