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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The West Mids Police Against the EDL [by Skittles]

- by Skittles

Arrived in Dudley with Tipton Division, Rowely Division and a few others around 1:30pm. We were marched up to the demo area (I mean cage, pen, what ever else you can think of) with the most overwhelming welcome / experience. Other members clapping, cheering etc... This was my first demo. What an experience! We went into the pen and waited for the other divisions to turn up. I was led to believe quite a high number of EDL members got held back.

Before the first little rant with the WMP, I told a friend of mine: “Seen this? All I can say, treat humans like animals and eventually they will act like animals.” There was a little argument with EDL vs WMP, not sure why, but this was dealt with quickly and smoothly from the EDL Stewards (no, not the WMP).

Speeches went brilliantly, brought up peoples spirits. When the speeches ended people started to make their way to exit Dudley and head home. WMP wouldn’t even let people exit, stayed where they were, which was every exit you could think of. If it wasn’t WMP bodies, it was metal mobile fences. This made everyone obviously frustrated, which led to anger. Can’t say I blame them - so was I. This led to a big group moving the opposite way and found a little garden fence to get over, which led through a block of flats to Charlton St (bottom Stratford St), which was then blocked by WMP.

Everyone moved from the WMP block up this side street. There were no more WMP blocks till King St, which is where the car stunt happened (tosser). We were blocked in King St by two rows of WMP either side of the St. We went to carry on walking down King St towards the bus depo, but a WMP bloke told us to go the other way so what did we do? We went the other way... Got to the other row of WMP: “Go the other way, you can’t come this way.” So we did as they said just to have the same sentence we had before. I got fed up - being paraded like we were clowns so I sat down and had a ciggy. We were then told to go down New Mill St and through The Minories which then we could go to the bus depo.

Later then, bet you can’t guess? We were blocked by WMP yet again at the bus depo. So we turned back up and headed up to the High St to see if we could get back to the Demo area. Never guess what? We were blocked in both ways in the High St by WMP yet again. A load of lads ran down an alleyway. Me and my mates sat down on a bench and waited again. I was knackered by this time. Plus I couldn't be arsed with WMP telling me sh1t again. WMP moved closer to us and stopped. We then approached the WMP to see if we could get past to find another way to get out of Dudley instead of being followed by the WMP like a mass murderer. We were answered by: “No, follow the other lot down the alleyway...” I replied: “We don’t want to. We just want to get out of Dudley and go home. But every time we try you guys keep blocking us in, like it's a game...” Then the reply I got (read this with aggression): “Well, you know what to do? Go and sit fcuking down and stay there...” They then went, following the other group down the alleyway and other WMP went back down the High St. I think someone didn’t take their vitamins this morning.

We then found a way through the Priory, where we weren’t blocked in, and made our way home.
My conclusion of the day is that WMP were wankers. They treated people like animals, low lives, pieces of sh1t they just trod in. The only people to blame for what went on in Dudley was the WMP.

I hope to see another demo up there to show we won’t give up!

Hope you also enjoyed this read. I enjoyed writing it.

No Surrender!

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