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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

West Midlands Police Tries to Teach the EDL a Lesson in Dudley

I wasn’t too keen on writing an account of Saturday’s demo in Dudley. To be honest, I was well pissed off with the EDL – not with the police or with Dudley Muslims.

They say that those in the action can give the best accounts. I’m not sure if that’s entirely true. My negative attitude towards the EDL soon changed as I began to read other people’s accounts of what happened, primarily those EDL who were kept at the Harrier pub in Tipton. Most of all, it was the police keeping the EDL stewards away from the demo which became the most relevant fact of all this.

I thought there was something funny about there being no stewards at the demo in the Dudley car park. I even thought that the stewards mustn’t have been wearing their customary yellow plastic tops. How can you have a demo of around a thousand people without any stewards? Later, I found out why there weren’t any EDL stewards at the Dudley demo. Most of them – perhaps all of them – were stopped from stewarding the demo by West Midlands Police. It’s almost as if the police wanted trouble to happen – all the better to ban the EDL or teach it a lesson.

There was another lesson WMP wanted to teach us: Don’t mess with Muslims! Why do I say that? Because, systematically, after the demo, WMP let the EDL out in dribs and drabs. Why? So they could be picked off by the Muslims who had been given free reign to roam and attack around the town centre of Dudley. And a lot of EDL were attacked on Saturday – men, women and children. Some were even run over. The groups I was let out with was itself of only about ten EDL.

Firstly, we headed for the bus station. When we arrived, we heard lots of Muslims shouting not very far away. We soon realised that there must be some trouble just beyond the bus station. In any case, some locals said that the buses weren’t running precisely because of the demo and the violent events. (Some buses had been stoned by Muslims from the bridge and elsewhere.)

We decided to head for the top half of Dudley town. We approached a police woman and asked her about buses. She advised us to go to the ‘white area’ at the top of town. There, we were told, we could get a bus. So we did. We got to the top and waited about ten minutes outside Dudley Parish Church. And then the Muslims started to arrive. About twenty or thirty of them at first, most of them being young Muslim chavs. We were outnumbered big time. We ran down the streets and had missiles thrown at us. Then we saw more Muslims coming from another direction. By this time the police had arrived – a couple of police vans, police cars, etc. We had to move towards the police for safety. But they kept on moving us on. We knew that we had nowhere to go. But the police still forced to go in the direction of the oncoming Muslims.

This police-instigated runaround occurred for about twenty-five minutes or so. They would simply not provide us with the protection we needed. (As numerous other EDL have also said about that day.) In fact the opposite was the case. The police actually seemed to want us to go in the direction of the Muslims. Perhaps they thought that this would teach the EDL a lesson: Don’t mess with Muslims! We were shepherded down this street and up another. Never getting any help from the police. The Muslims, on the other hand, were given a complete free reign to do what they wanted in the streets of Dudley, just as is the case in parts of Paris, Sweden or was the case on the streets of Bradford in 1996 and 2001. Leave off Muslims. At all costs – don’t touch the Muslims. This is the logical conclusion of political correctness and WMP’s ‘diversity training’.

Luckily, a friend, Slowhand, had managed to phone MJ999 to give us a lift. And guess what. On his way to us he too had become another victim of Muslim violence. His car was surrounded by a gang of Muslims and he had missiles thrown at his car.

Despite all that had happened to our group, later that night, away from Dudley, I found out that those EDL at Tipton had also been fed to the Muslims in dribs and drabs by WMP. Again, this must surely have been intentional on the police’s part. It is not for me to document what happened at Tipton, but this feeding of small groups of EDL to Muslims also seems to have happened there too. Not only that. Many EDL, in small numbers, were actually forced in the direction of large gangs of Muslims. It all seemed so intentional on the police’s part. Were they teaching us a lesson? That lesson being: Don’t mess with the Muslims again because this sort of thing will happen!

WMP are a special case. The force is neck deep in political correctness. They have ‘diversity training’, ‘community cohesion initiatives’ and whatnot. Yes, it seems that the Muslims of Dudley have definitely Embraced Diversity and are well into Community Cohesion. Chief Constable Chris Sims, a few months back, even decided it was OK for a chief constable to be blatantly political by writing an article for the Birmingham Mail in which he criticised the EDL and praised Unite Against Fascism. Not only that. The police officer who offered her scalp to Muslims over the CCTVs affair, Assistant Chief Constable Sharon Rowe, was also the very same officer who was in charge of the Dudley demo. Is it all fitting into place yet? Community Cohesion? More like destroy the EDL and grease the wheels of Islam. Embrace Diversity? More like Embrace Muslims, and all things Islamic, and destroy all things English, along with the EDL.

(This video of Sharon Rowe has had all the vicious Muslim
howls and boohs snipped off - that was part of her ritual humiliation
at the hands of the Islamists.)

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