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Friday, 23 July 2010

Video Evidence of WMP's Hands-Off-Muslims Policy

Isn’t it strange, here is video evidence (not all of it) which may help prosecute at least a single Muslim, and yet the Birmingham Mail, the Dudley News and every single national newspapers didn’t have a single thing to say about the Muslim riots and violence in Dudley last Saturday. Yet many non-Muslims were attacked – some brutally. Not all of those attacked were EDL. Some of them were Dudley shoppers. Some of them were women and children.

None of this is a surprise, mind you. The West Midlands Police has a ‘hands-off-Muslims policy’. And not just when it comes to rioting. It also is largely the case when it comes to Muslim drug pushing, gang violence, and, last but not least, the propagation of militant Islam in the mosques. In Keighley, near Bradford, their hands-off-Muslims policy has reached ridiculous levels. Scores of ‘unemployed’ Muslim youths parade around the town in their fast and flash cars, untouched by the police. Cars bought by drugs money from the Crack/Heroin Jihad against the white infidels of the Keighley council estates. And have you heard about the social services in Birmingham recently? Don’t they too have a hands-off-Muslims policy? That is why they have systematically failed in Birmingham – because ‘respecting cultural sensitivities’ is more important than saving children’s lives. Indeed cliterodectomies, according to feminist research, have been given the go-ahead in many of the UK’s ‘culturally diverse communities’ – or at least the social services have simply looked the other way.

*) Assistant Chief Constable Sharon Rowe, a couple of weeks ago, abased herself in front of foaming and screaming Muslims at the recent anti-CCTV ‘rally’ in Birmingham. Then last Saturday, that very same woman was in charge of a policy which systematically allowed non-Muslims to be attacked by rioting Muslims – hands-off, eh? The West Mids Police deliberately let the EDL out in dribs and drabs so that the Muslims could 'sort them out’. That’s exactly what happened. That’s why Sharon Rowe also stopped up to a thousand EDL from going to the demo in Dudley. They were held captive in Tipton. And that included the many, many stewards who would have stopped any EDL trouble in Dudley in the first place!. But Sharon Rowe and the WMP wanted trouble! Why? So they can ban the EDL in the future. So they can say: Look. I told you say. The EDL cannot be trusted.

I too was let out of the demo, along with a handful of other EDL. We too were set upon by marauding Muslims. We too were sent in the direction of Muslims by WMP - to receive ‘a good kicking’ by a far greater number of Muslims. All this was deliberately done by WMP! Rather than protect the public, the EDL was that day's sacrificial lamb to the WMP’s political correctness and Islamophilia.

I think that the EDL should hold a rally outside Birmingham central police station. It should demand the resignation of Sharon Rowe for her reckless disregard for the welfare of EDL members as well as the non-Muslim shoppers of Dudley town centre. Let’s get something together – and soon.


  1. Yes! agreed! That would bring this to the public's attention! Excellent article!

  2. She appears to run into the barrier.