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Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Weak Bishop of Dudley [by Cumbria EDL]

- by Cumbria EDL

Take a look at the Bishop of Dudley? Weak as piss; which is why he's appeasing the Muslims coz he has not got the back bone to do anything else. When the Muslims turn on their hosts, which they will, weaklings like him will be the first to have their throats slit wide open. No amount appeasing will save the weak arse-lickers then. Lucky for him, people like us will be there to protect people like him, weak people. It’s people like us that people like him will run to when the time comes. If the Islamists take control of this country, this is to be stopped. It will be people like us who stop it. When this time comes, and they see the tide turning, it will be our arse he/they lick because that’s what weak people do. It’s lucky for him that unlike the Islamists, we will be forgiving. We are not blood-thirsty animals who will slit people’s throats just because we can. Like all great armies of great nations, we will protect the weak from tyrants and barbarians.

See this is the mistake the Muslims are making right now. Because we show compassion for others, they see this as weakness. Just because we are not letting rip from the off, but trying to avoid conflict again; they view this as weakness. All I can say to that is many before them have made this same mistake. And to a man have learned a lesson the hard way. Ask the French, the Germans, the Spanish, the Dutch, the Italians, the Zulu nation, and many more. They should even look back in their own history and they will see what happens when they rattle this cage. It’s like poking a sleeping lion, poking a hornets’ nest, playing with dynamite, sooner or later it will blow up in your face. Even the odd time, very odd might I add, us British have been defeated, boy have our foes known they have been in a fight. But, as most here know, it’s not often we come second. We often loose the first battle. But more often than not we win the last battle and that’s what counts.

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