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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A Video of the Rev Ray Gaston: Ban the EDL!

The Reverend Ray Gaston, who lives and works in Birmingham, is a methodist minister and activist for Respect, Unite Against Fascism and other hip leftist groups and causes. In this video he displays all the traits of a classic Trotskyist ranter. I wonder if he speaks likes this at his church services. That's if he ever does that kind of thing. Perhaps InterFaith and Respect meetings are all he's good for.

In this video he calls for the EDL to be banned. He is speaking at a meeting against CCTVs and the fact that 'they erode the civil liberties of Muslims'. The irony of his duplicious and hypocritical position seems to bypass his small fashion-conscious mind.

*) The following video is from the same anti-CCTV public meeting in Birmingham. This time it is Lord Nazir Ahmed's turn to rant on behalf of those poor, poor Muslims. Not only that. He threatens 'civil unrest' if the police and state don't do what Muslims tell them to do. He has threatened Muslim 'civil unrest' before. Perhaps next time, if the burqa is banned, or if women are allowed to wear short skirts in 'Muslim areas', he will also threaten or promise civil unrest.

At this Diverse and multicultural meeting he addresses everyone in Arabic - after all, 'we are all really Muslims'.

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