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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Unite Against Fascism (UAF): the Islamist Connection [SpireiteEDL]

- by SpireiteEDL

Who are the UAF? Well, Unite Against Fascism is an organisation which targets ‘Britain’s far-right', especially the BNP. But in the last year UAF’s attention has been turned onto a new foe, the English Defence League (EDL). The English Defence League is a patriotic, mainly working-class organisation which protests against the rise of political and extremist Islam and the implementation of Sharia law in the UK. The EDL has a strong following of football fans. UAF, on the other hand (although violence is something often boasted about by the UAF), has never been able to match this physical presence.

In the last few years UAF has only had to deal with BNP supporters, the majority being middle-aged men and women and an occasional loser skinhead.

UAF frequently brags of a ‘unified street presence’ and acts of violence (such as the many assaults on BNP members and the destruction of their property) have always played an important role in ‘Smashing the BNP’. This is not the case with the EDL. In recent clashes, UAF has often come off second best when met with this hardened, anti-jihadist street presence. In light of this new threat, UAF has had to venture out to seek new allies to combat the EDL. These have been found in the Muslim youth and hardcore Islamists (or ‘anti-fascists’ as their known to the UAF).

UAF’s main body of support comes from the unions, the Socialist Workers Party, a complicated mix of anarchists, socialist losers, and old-time communists - as well as various Government MPs! UAF has always found it difficult to establish much support from the ‘man of the street’ and locals. There valiant attempts to paint the EDL as ‘racist’, ‘fascist’ and ‘Nazi’ are often seen by most people as laughable when it comes to light that the EDL does its very best to insert diversity in its ranks (which has been pretty successful to date).

Because Unite against Fascism is determined to drive the EDL from local areas, they have forged links with violent Muslim youths and local Jihadists. They have done this in the past by creating hysteria and resentment in local communities in the days coming up to English Defence League demos. Lies often play a big part in their tactics to both deter people from joining the EDL and rile up Muslim youth. Lies such as these before the Bolton demo:

‘An EDL member has stabbed a group of Muslims outside a mosque in Bolton.’

The truth? A bloke was arrested trying to break into a car with a screwdriver outside a local mosque... Hmm...

Also, my personal favourite:

‘The EDL have raped a woman and stabbed a little boy in Whitechapel.’

The truth? Some EDL members were attacked by local Muslim youths after making their way home from a demo in Barking.

The irony of all this was made clear one week later when five UAF members were stabbed in a counter-demo by local kids thinking they were EDL. (The EDL had long since called its demonstration off as the Islamic extremist conference being held nearby had been cancelled.)

UAF seems to harbour many extremist elements. Islamists appear to be its key to defeating the EDL – Islamists and Muslims as a violent street army (or ‘anti-fascists’ as UAF seems to laughably call them). At UAF demos, chants of Allahu Akbar, flags reading ‘Allah is the greatest’ and other Islamist insignia have become the norm. The Muslim Defence League, a militant, Islamic street-army which seems to get its kicks from beating up infidels on a weekend and generally making a nuisance of themselves on their local estates, has also become a regular at UAF demonstrations. Gang attacks/stabbings of EDL supporters and innocent members of the public are not uncommon.

The ‘Anti-fascist’ Muslim Defence League

Even Muslims Against Crusaders (MAC) has been seen by UAF as a formidable friend in its quest to rid the world of 'fascism' and 'racism'. Sadly this seems to be the path UAF has taken. Political correctness, and its inability to take its head out of the sand, have finally seen this organisation highjacked by the fascist elements it set out to combat. The group has become an outlet for religious hatred and a platform for Islamic extremists. As more and more ‘true’ UAF supporters realise this, the thinner its numbers become. What we are seeing is a hardcore Islamic jihad movement hiding behind the smokescreen of anti-fascism/racism. Sadly many young Muslims are taking UAF’s bait and are being driven into extremism through anger and resentment caused by its childish lies.

UAF claims to bring communities together when all they’re doing is exposing more and more young people to violence and Islamic radicalism.

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