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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Unite Against Fascism call for an inquiry into Saturdays's protest [Dudley News]

[Image above: the Bishop of Dudley sighning his own death warrant. The Muslim signs it in agreement.]

The EDL should attend this 'inquiry' otherwise it will not deserve the name 'inquiry'.

We will tell it how every single EDL steward was stopped from attending the demo when they were 'locked in' at Tipton.
We will tell it that up to another 1,000 EDL were stopped from attending the demo and that many at the car park were local Dudley youth.
We will tell it how West Midlands Police systematically fed small numbers of EDL to the far greater numbers of Muslims who were maurading through the streets of Dudley attacking all non-Muslims - not just EDL - as well as women and children.
We will tell it how WMP randomly attacked the EDL.
We will tell it how the WMP wanted trouble because that would be a good pretext to stop further demos and thus ultimately ban the EDL. (How else would the EDL show its voice?)

In other words, this UAF/WMP Inquiry would not be happening at all if it were not for the actions of WMP and the Muslim Defence League, whom together both planned and wanted violence to occur at the Dudley demo of July the 17th.

-Monday 19th July 2010

THE WEST MIDLANDS branch of Unite Against Fascism has called for an inquiry, after members of the English Defence League caused disorder in Dudley Town Centre.

The UAF, Dudley Borough Interfaith Forum and the Centre for Equality and Diversity held a counter protest on Saturday, to celebrate the diversity of Dudley residents, with around 350 people turning out to oppose the EDL's anti-Muslim message.

The event passed peacefully between 1.30pm and 3.30pm, in contrast to the EDL rally, which broke into disorder twice.

The UAF are now calling on an investigation into how the trouble was allowed to happen, during which 21 people were arrested.

Rose Cragg, spokesperson for West Midlands Unite Against Fascism, said: "The people of Dudley have said again and again that they do not want the racist thugs of the EDL here. Their visits always end in disruption and violence."

She added: "We want to know how this could have happened and we pledge to do all we can to make sure it is never repeated."

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