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Friday, 2 July 2010

Sunni Forum Bans 'Jihad-related discussions'

I wonder why the Sunni (Muslim) Forum has made the following statement about 'jihad-related discussions' (see below)? Is it because they know that most of its posters are pro-violent jihad, and that people like me will cut and paste those pro-jihad comments? Very cynical!

They have really let the cat out of the bag here. They are frightened of discussing jihad because most of the Muslims who access this site believe in (violent) jihad. And they know it! Now that can't be good for the Sunni Forum or for general Muslim-non-Muslim relations, can it? That is, the truth can't can't be good for the Sunni Forum:

"IMPORTANT: New Rule Regarding Jihad-related Discussions

We have added a new rule which applies to all. Please take note of it.

Rule 2.23
After much consultation and reflection the Shura of has
unanimously decided that any discussions relating to jihad are strictly not
allowed on If any such discussions are created, all associated
threads and posts will be removed immediately from our forum. However, please
note this does not in anyway mean we do not agree with such an integral part of
our Deen. We take the safety, security and peace of mind of our members, the
Shura, Moderators and Ulama of our forum very seriously and it is for this
reason we have decided will not cater for any jihad related

Thank you for your cooperation."

*) See this new 'rule' for yourself:

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