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Friday, 16 July 2010

Reasons For Today's Demo in Dudley

When we are in Dudley today, we will need to remember why we are there. This will be no playtime (well, there's nothing run with having a laugh too) or an excuse for a scrap. The strange thing is, even if there is a tiny bit of trouble today, what would that be compared to the hell on earth, or the daily death toll, that is the result of Islamism or militant Islam we see day after day, both globally and in Europe and the UK? Yet the the press, councillors, politicians and even the Church will ignore the profound reasons for today's rally and focus entirely on any bit of trouble or on the two or three racist chants which may occur. On the trivia, in other words!

It is quite simple. The British people have nowhere else to turn. Regional and national newspapers, politicians, councillors and other professional bodies simply daren’t say the things which need to be said about militant Islam and sharia law. In many, if not all, cases, anything even remotely critical or negative which is said about Islam is instantly and mindlessly classified as ‘Islamophobic’. What’s worse than this is that many of those who work in the public services, as well as in the media, would loose their jobs if they said the wrong things about Islam or even if they supported the EDL in any way whatsoever.

It is a frightening thought. If it weren’t for the EDL, there wouldn’t really be any other organisation which would be taking its strong stance against militant Islam and Sharia law (though of course there are many individuals, bloggers and suchlike who aren’t frightened of being critical about Islam and political correctness generally).

Perhaps many EDL members have become political for the first time precisely because they see Islamism or militant Islam as being the big threat that it is – a threat which is more or less ignored by the mainstream media, as well as by MPs and councillors

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