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Saturday, 24 July 2010

New Statement From Tommy Robinson (24.7.2010)

Members of the English Defence League,

Since Dudley people have been showing some frustration people have mentioned that the EDL needs to change their ways think of new tactics not liaise with the Old Bill there are 22,000 members on Facebook and you all have some good ideas. The mood of members seems to have been somewhat low since the Dudley demo. Ok lets look at this yes we had one bad demo we were screwed over and lied to by the Old Bill. But one bad demo is all compared to how many good ones guys? We are changing our tactics and our ways constantly and we will improve we learn by our mistakes and if we didn’t make mistakes we would never learn. We need to forget the past and look forward to the future we have Bradford coming up and our organisation team have already been working hard to make sure that Bradford is a success, and a success it will be.

I have received a number of calls and messages from concerned people about certain messages that have been released today. Let me take this opportunity to put a few short words together to reassure you that the English Defence League is in its strongest best position yet and will grow stronger and stronger with time.

As you all know this movement was formed due to the outrageous scenes that were seen around the world during the Luton homecoming last year. The United People of Luton was originally formed by myself, my cousin who you all know Kevin Carroll and a few of my close friends. The UPL later turned into the EDL due to the amount of support we gained across the country. Since the start Kev has been there alongside myself and has been part of every meeting and decision that has been made.

The EDL has grown over a year from strength to strength gaining more support and members than we could ever imagine. I feel however we have come to a crossroads and there needs to be a few changes to ensure that the EDL continues in its fight against militant Islam and Sharia law the thing that we are all singed up for in the first place.

One change that was put in place last week was to introduce a new structure across the country, this new structure is made up of a Regional Organiser and deputies for each region of the country this is like a leadership being formed in your own area. This was the only route we could take to keep control during the rapid increase of members across the country. The Regional Organisers have already started to have regular meetings to discuss how the EDL moves on to the next stage successfully and a meeting held last night was the most productive meeting to date.

The second change I feel is necessary is for Kev to step up alongside myself as joint leader of the English Defence League. I have worked hard to bring the EDL to where it is now and feel that with Kev alongside me we can move forward and take the EDL to the next level. Kev is a well-respected figure across the country and will ensure that our fight continues in the best possible way. I will in no way be stepping back from the EDL and upon return from a short break away that I am taking, I will take my position back on the leadership along with Jack Smith, Trev Kelloway and Geoff Marsh.

Many people wish to know who is making the decisions these days, well the reason for the new structure is to ensure that you the most important people to the movement the guys on the ground the EDL members are the ones that are making the decisions. Through your Regional Organiser let your thoughts be known and it is during the regular RO meetings that most decisions on the EDL will be made. If a resolution can not be made at these meetings the leadership team of Myself, Jack, Trev and Marshy will get involved with Kev the leader of the EDL having the final say on anything.

The main thing that is now stopping the EDL from progressing in the way we have in the last year is the arguing and disagreements between members within the EDL. We are a massive movement and have people from all walks of life and all parts of the country there are bound to be some people who do not get on with each other. If this is the case, then as the saying goes ‘GET OVER IT’. The public slating of fellow members by Facebook, Youtube or Forums stops immediately. We are losing good members who do a lot of work for the EDL due to this behaviour. If you have an issue with someone take it up with them in private if you still are not happy forget about it and put your effort into what we are here for. If people put as much effort into the EDL fight recently instead of personal vendetta’s we would already be in a much stronger position. This has to and will stop from today, if I find of any members that air their views publicly about any other member I will personally ensure that they are not welcome at any future demonstrations.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support you have given me throughout the last year and the commitment and loyalty you have shown through some hard times. I can only ask that you continue to show this loyalty to our new leader Kev Carroll.

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce a new demonstration that is to take the English defence League global. You may be aware that the great man Geert Wilders is in court for race hate charges from 5th October with his verdict being announced on Tuesday 2nd November. The EDL has been in contact with our European brothers and sisters and we have decided that on Saturday 30th October the European defence League will be demonstrating in Amsterdam in support of Geert, we hope that all of you will be able to join us for this, what promises to be a landmark demonstration for the future of the defence leagues.

So to summarise lets stand together proud and fight for this country under the EDL name as one, UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.

Thanks and No Surrender Ever

Tommy Robinson

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