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Friday, 23 July 2010

The Muslim Defence League

Every Muslim will see it as his or her duty to ‘protect’, that is, advance, Islam. This is written into Islam itself. Many English people are not quite so active or loyal to English - or indeed Western - civilisation and culture. Some need a good kick up the arse to instil some loyalty or pride in their country. That’s a sad fact; but it’s true. We will soon realise this truth in the coming months when the Muslim Defence League will no doubt grow in strength and numbers.

It takes a lot to politicise the English. Indeed it was only through the imminent threat of Islam that I became politicised; as is the case with many other members of the EDL. I was never a William-Hague type who decided on politics, not matter what, at the tender age of eleven or whatever. The EDL is not made up of political careerists. Its members are not playing politics either, as so many students tend to do. The reality of the threat of Islam has politicised many EDL, even if many of us were otherwise apolitical - or even anti-political - before.

*) The Muslim Defence League is really the Muslim Attack League. Throughout its history, Islam has conquered and furthered itself by feigning attack from others - from non-Muslim countries or from non-Muslims generally. Even the simple act of reading the Christian Bible is deemed an ‘attack’ in many Muslim countries. More recently, Muslims seem to be ‘insulted’ or ‘offended’ by this, that and the other every day. Some new offence or insult comes up every day, whether the Satanic Verses, CCTVs, the Danish cartoons, Geert Wilders’ Fitna, women wearing short skirts in ‘Muslim areas’, etc. Yes, that’s right. Claiming defence, or offence, or insult, is the best form of Muslim attack – or the best excuse for attack. If you claim that you are always under attack, then you too can attack others and call it ‘defence’. But virtually none of these ‘Islamophobic attacks’ are that – Islamophobic attacks. They are neither Islamophobic nor attacks on Islam or Muslims. But the fake way Muslims portray these insults or offences gives them all the ammunition they will need to carry on with the real Islamic attacks which have been going on for about 1,300 years. Yes, it’s all part and parcel of the Islamic Jihad and its global takeover of the planet. In the years before the Turkish Islamic Empire was destroyed, when it fought alongside Germany in WW1, the Islamic Empire was on its way to conquering the entire world. That’s why Hizb ut-Tahrir still think that that’s when everything started to go wrong for Islam and Muslims – when the Ottoman Empire was destroyed.

*) The MDL is said to have taken ‘inspiration from the black power movement of 1960s American’. More specifically, we are talking about the Black Panthers group. What was that? Well, for a start, its members were racists, black supremacists, Muslim supremacists, misogynists - and that’s just for starters. But they were black, so SWP/UAF types think that this black racism, misogyny, machismo, etc. is OK because blacks, as well as the Muslim browns, are part of the Victim Class of ‘white imperialism’ … vomit.

The founder of the MDL, Aki Nawaz, has said that that ‘it is time British Muslims were more assertive of their rights’. Really? As if British Muslims haven’t already been ‘assertive of their rights’ almost every single day, whether about blacking out the windows of swimming baths, forcing the police to apologise about CCTVs, or getting British non-Muslim politicians to apologise about the Danish cartoons of Mohammed. Every day the Muslims assert this and that and every day they usually get what they want. So when Aki Nawaz says that ‘British Muslims should be more assertive’ he means that Muslims should assert their rights to everything they want – everything! – including Sharia law. I am sick and tired of Muslims asserting their rights. They do it every day. Now this Islamist upstart has the audacity to say that Muslim should shout louder and more often - until the whole non-Muslim edifice falls down.

Nawaz has also criticised Tony Blair for saying that ‘minorities had a duty to integrate’. This must simply mean that he does not think that Muslims have a duty to integrate. That’s what most other Muslims think too. And that’s why we are in a mess. Lack of integration, self-ghettoisation, Diversity – whatever you call it, is failing. Yet this upstart wants less integration from Muslims. Where do you think this will lead this country of ours? To civil war – that’s where!

The rot is deeper than you think. The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), along with the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK), have also given the MDL the OK and even praised it. These groups, of course, were the ‘moderate’ Muslim organisations which Tony Blair and New Labour once put so much faith in. A spokesman for the MAB has said that ‘Aki’s a great guy, and we support him on working on this project’. Of course it does! The MAB also supports Hamas. That is no surprise either because both the MAB and Hamas are part of the larger, and more dangerous, Muslim Brotherhood. Small world, isn’t it?

Like both Hamas and the MAB/MCB, the MDL is not just about ‘protecting’ Muslims from ‘Islamophobia’ - it is also about Islamist politics across the board. One of its main ‘mantras’ is to convince all non-Muslims, and even some Muslims, that ‘the Government’s foreign policy has a lot to do with the July bombings’ and that ‘Tony Blair should stand trial as a war criminal’.

So it is also strange that a spokesman for the MDL should say that ‘the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) showed race-related crimes rose by more than a quarter last year’. Yes, and that was mainly due to the rise in Muslim attacks on both Jews and other non-Muslims. Muslims themselves are hardly ever attacked – at least not for being Muslim. Thus ritual chants of ‘racism’ are just another means to further the Islamic cause – yet another arm of Islamic jihad.

Here's an addition by Zefris:!/muslimdefenceleague?ref=mf

"Since the MDL was set up by the lead singer with fundamental-I find it hard to believe that he would be against the UAF as fundamental played several ANL benefit gigs and also played Marxism one year,since the ANL is the forerunner of the UAF I find it hard to believe."

And some comments from Fun-Da-Mental's lead singer...

"It's the white folks who need to rebel against their own ignorance - racism is their problem, economic terrorism is their problem, pollution is their problem - everything that is going wrong they have a hand in, they have an influence in - with all that is wrong in the world they are lucky to be dominating."

And yet, this obviously racist band play at UAF gigs...

Anyway, MDL...Your racist leadership has been uncovered.

*) Today's Muslim 'Offence' or 'Insult'

- 21 July 2010

"The BBC today defended an episode of EastEnders following complaints from viewers who said they were upset by a scene in which a Muslim character slammed down a copy of the Qur'an. The gay character of Syed Masood, played by Marc Elliott had been struggling with his love for Christian Clarke (John Partridge) in the face of disapproval from his devout family. He dropped the religious text in frustration during the episode, screened earlier this week, The BBC said yesterday that it had not intended to cause offence, but merely to demonstrate Syed's "utter confusion"." - the Guardian


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  2. ". Some need a good kick up the arse to instil some loyalty or pride in their country."

    - No. It is simply that my idea of loyalty and pride to my Country is entirely at odds with the EDL's. My sense of loyalty says that nazis do not represent me. My sense of loyalty says that we are all individuals, and that a bunch of thugs (I walked through Leicester city centre yesterday, to be greeted by a skin headed cunt wrapped in an England flag, drunk, and had just thrown his bottle at police. Am I to assume that they are the pride of England?) should not have a monopoly on what it means to be English. The EDL disgust me. My grandad who fought in WWII yesterday told me he felt sick knowing that the kind of sentiment he fought to get rid of, is coming back.
    There is nothing English about the EDL. We do not want a bunch of angry racist football hooligan thugs telling us what it means to be English.
    You are a disgrace.

    1. futiledemocracy,

      Why do you assume that every EDL is a ‘Nazi’? Some may be – but all of them?

      The interesting thing is that your response is not actually a response to the post itself. It was a post about the MDL – remember? What’s your position on them? After all, there are plenty of other places you can express your views on the EDL.

      It’s also interesting that you imply – rather than state – that you are a patriot – just not an EDL ‘Nazi’ patriot. Maybe? Hope Not Hate has sung that tune too. They have implied that they are against only “far right” or Nazi patriots – not your average patriot. But that’s a lie. They are Communists – even by their own admission. And as Communists they are against ALL forms of patriotism and nationalism – not just the EDL or Nazi version.

      Are you like these Hope Not Hate dismembers or are you REALLY a patriot rather than an “internationalist”? In fact your Google blog name is "futiledemocracy" - which sort of gives the game away!

  3. LOL WOW, just reading the first line made me rofl... and comment above me is true lol... you cant say much talking about how racist "black panther" movement was man sort out your life...

  4. The Communists and American and British Leftists are doing what they can to help Islam destroy the West. It's been their pipe dream.
    Outlaw Islam and deport Islamists now.

  5. The only threat to England is the EDL. Second threat is the black community. Third threat is the government. Islam has never been a threat nor is it a threat to England. It's only a threat to those who try to destroy it. EDL - what a joke to this country. Pathetic uneducated criminal thugs

  6. The only racists are people who defend Islam and help malign those who speak out against its Nazi racist homophobic ideology.

  7. The worst racists are the ones helping Islam!
    And just HOW are EDL and it´s sister organizations "nazi"?
    When the french resistance fought against german occupation where they racists for doing this? The nationalistic struggle today is just the same though more non violent and more democratic then those fighting against commie or nazi opression decades before the means have changed(and hopefully do not need to go violent)the goal is the same = Freedom!