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Monday, 26 July 2010

Join us is persuading the Home Secretary to stop a planned [EDL] demonstration [in Bradford] [Telegraph & Argus]

EDL Note:

The Telegraph & Argus has got it exactly wrong. It says that it is ‘launching a campaign to keep hatred and violence off the streets’. No. That’s precisely what the EDL is doing. By fighting Islamism and militant Islam, the EDL is fighting the violence which will occur on the streets of the towns and cities of England if the authorities and press don't take a radically new look at all things Islamist and even Islamic. Look around you. See the huge daily death toll from the Global Jihad, whether that is in Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, London or wherever.

The last time I was in Bradford’s Central Library, Hizb ut-Tahrir held a officially-approved stall there. Does Hizb ut-Tahrir Embrace Diversity? Does it simply love Community Cohesion? Or does it want a Global Caliphate in which everyone must be a Muslim and all apostates are put to death? Oh, I forget. Perhaps Hizb ut-Tahrir has changed its named to ‘the InterFaith Initiative’ or something, as these Islamist groups often do.

As for the T & A’s ‘community relations’ and ‘harmony’. I don’t remember much of it in Bradford. I was hospitalised by a Muslim gang in the mid 1990s. Everyone I knew at that time had had some violent experience or other with Bradford’s Muslim gangs. Community Cohesion? Diversity? What about the many Muslim ghettoes in Bradford and Keighley? They are little hell holes. No non-Muslims are allowed even near them. A few months ago a man was stabbed for being a non-Muslim when he strayed into 'Muslim territory' – when he strayed into Manningham.

What about the growing number of Muslim schools and the growing number of Muslim parents who are pulling their children out of non-Muslim schools? Community Cohesion? Embraced Diversity? No way! What about the Muslim youths who are allowed to download pornography in Keighley library and Keighley College because no tutor dare say anything to them lest they are accused of being ‘Islamophobic’ or ‘racist’? What about the 'unemployed' Muslim youths of Keighley and Bradford riding around in their flash and fast cars; which they have obviously gained from the drugs they have sold in the Islamic Crack/Heroin Jihad against the infidels of the surrounding estates? What about the time when numerous bricks and stones came through the window of a Keighley pub, thrown by a large Muslim gang? We had to wait for over half an hour until the police came. And then the police said that ‘we can’t do anything with the Muslims’ - lest they are called ‘Islamophobic’? Is that Diversity? Is that Community Cohesion?

The T & A comes out with a regional journalistic classic when it says that

‘the fact that most of those EDL supporters… will come from outside the district speaks for itself.’

Oh really? So where do EDL members come from, exactly? Nowhere? Mars? Every time the EDL holds a demo, regional journalists say exactly the same thing – that the EDL are ‘outsiders’. EDL members must come from somewhere. But apparently they don’t come from Birmingham, Dudley, Bolton, Cardiff, London, Aylesbury, Newcastle and all the other places the EDL has held a demo.

I have news for journalists. The EDL has thousands of members and supporters in Bradford. There is a Bradford EDL Division, as well as a West Yorkshire EDL division - as does Dudley, Birmingham, Bolton, Aylesbury, Newcastle, etc. In any case, aren’t the real outsiders at all these demos those middle-class and student activists of the UAF who all seem to come from London and the Home Counties? What about the trade unionists who suddenly appear on these demos? Outsiders! Despite that, has Bradford never held Stop the War demos, or 'Boycott Israel' demos? These would have been full of outsiders, some from Hamas’s Palestine.

So some EDL will indeed be outsiders. So what. These issues are too important to be xenophobic about the origins of EDL members. Why doesn’t the T & A Embrace some Diversity and embrace the EDL?

Is telling the truth really 'stirring up hatred'?


- 26th July 2010

Today the Telegraph & Argus is launching a campaign to keep hatred and violence off the streets of our beloved city.

We are asking T&A readers to join us in persuading the Home Secretary to stop a planned demonstration (like the one pictured, in Bolton) by the English Defence League in Bradford at the end of August.

Quite simply, it is something that this city does not need, want or welcome.

We believe that if this march were to go ahead it could only damage community relations and threaten the prosperity and harmony of the city and district.

More than in any other city, those of us who lived through the riots of nearly ten years ago know only too well what devastation displays of hatred and intolerance can cause.

The EDL claims to be a “grass roots social movement” which represents, in its words, “every walk of life, every race, every creed and every colour; from the working class to middle England”.

The truth is very different. It is an organisation which thrives on fear, untruths, rumours and hatred and one whose message is divisive to the point where it is dangerous It will argue that its march is to highlight issues relating to radical Islam but it is impossible to see it as anything other than an attempt to stir up hatred against all Muslims.

Do not doubt that the appearance of its members in huge numbers in Bradford could be a disaster for the city and the district.

Bradford is a city rich in many cultures – something of which we can be justifiably proud.

Why should we invite people into our community whose very presence would be a huge insult to part of that community and even put a strain on the good relations between people of different backgrounds?

No doubt some people will say that to stop the EDL from demonstrating would infringe their human rights.

What about the human rights of all of us who live here peacefully and do not want these unsavoury characters anywhere near our city?

Some will doubtless claim that the EDL’s freedom of speech is being curtailed.

They are wrong, because when that speech is dripping with venom and designed purely to stir up hatred then a stand must be taken.

Wherever and whenever the EDL has mounted demonstrations across the UK there has been violence, vandalism and hatred.

That is a fact which cannot be disputed – and we do not want that on the streets of our city.

Bradford has come a long way since the dark days of the riots and that is a credit to all of its people.

No one should be allowed to put that progress at risk.

No one should be allowed to jeopardise what we have in this city for an agenda of hate and intolerance.

A group of organisations has united under the Bradford Together banner and is calling for the Home Secretary to ban the demonstration.

A ban on public gatherings is not something that should be entered into lightly, and a lot of thought has gone into whether such a restraining move would play into the hands of the EDL and their supporters.

But when the peace that has largely settled upon Bradford since the disturbances of 2001 is threatened, then sometimes the tools of last resort must be investigated.

That is why we urge you to sign the petition, in the paper and on our website, to add your voices to those who do not want the EDL and its hangers-on ruining our city and damaging community relations for years to come.

The fact that most of those EDL supporters who plan to descend on Bradford on Saturday, August 28, will come from outside the district speaks for itself.

These are not local people voicing local concerns, they are agitators and trouble-makers for whom Bradford is a place to exploit.

The message from us all to the EDL should be loud and clear: Bradford is not your battleground, and we don't want you here.

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