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Friday, 16 July 2010

Iqster Defends the New Dudley Mosque

“I wonder whether some of the people commenting on this issue are actually from Dudley. For those that are not, let me enlighten you. There has been a mosque in Dudley situated on Castle Hill for over 30 years. Under the revised plans, the existing mosque will be adapted to meet the DMA requirements. Therefore, there will only ever be one mosque in Dudley under these proposals. Also, the original plan to build the new mosque would have meant that the DMA gave the existing site back to the council aswell so that could have been made available for the development of something else. The comments on this post lead me to believe that the EDL do not want a new mosque, or allow the DMA to extend their existing one which is totally unfair. Also, may I add, the cost for either a redevelopment or new development were to come from the DMA, not the tax payer.” - Iqster, in the Dudley News

What does Iqster mean by ‘the existing mosque will be adapted to meet the DMA requirements’? The first question is: Is it going to be a super-mosque or not? If it is, it doesn’t matter if it’s at Castle Hill or the previous proposed site. This will still mean that thousands of Muslims will flock to Dudley from outside and turn that part of Dudley into a Muslim ghetto, as always happens around mosques up and down England. How do we know, anyway, that the old mosque will be ‘adapted’? A new mosque may simply be built alongside the old one. That won’t matter anyway if it’s still going to be a super-mosque. And if it’s not going to be a bigger mosque, then why all the fuss in the first place from DMA? The DMA has never said it just wanted something newer or better designed – they want something bigger to attract Muslims from the surrounding areas. In any case, can the EDL trust the DMA? Indeed, can Dudley Council or any non-Muslim body trust the DMA? What’s to stop it from deciding to do something completely different once the heat is off or once the EDL, for example, decides not to protest in Dudley again? DMA can say one thing one day, and then there is nothing to stop it from going back on its word the next day - unless it is legally obliged to stick to its written promises, etc.

As for the new mosque not being funded by tax-payers’ money, as Iqster is keen to stress. I don’t know many EDL who ever thought this. What’s more worrying is: Who is funding it because DMA figures about exclusively Dudley-Muslim funding simply don’t add up. Every Muslim would have to contribute loads of money. So is the money coming from Saudi Arabia, as is usually the case? Others have said that it’s coming from Pakistan. In terms of Islamism and militant Islam, Pakistan is in many ways worse than Saudi Arabia. Both countries export Islamism and demand Islamism from their recipients.

Iqster also makes a lot of the ‘outsider’ status of the EDL and many of the letter writers in the Dudley News. Really Iqster, you should Embrace Diversity and stop being so chauvinistic and xenophobic about people from Birmingham and beyond. In any case, do his critical remarks also apply to Unite Against Fascism, Brum Muslims and all those leftists and trade unionists from outside Dudley who will be there tomorrow? What does he think about the fact that UAF is putting on coaches in Birmingham and elsewhere to ferry leftist and Muslim ‘outsiders’ into Dudley tomorrow?

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