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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hamas's Gaza: One Giant Shopping Mall and Theme Park

Meet Hamas – the supreme masters of propaganda and outright lies. So much so that they have convinced millions of European and American leftists that pigs can fly and that they only want the Gaza Strip and the West Bank ‘to be free’.

These people have been lying to the West for years. It more or less started with Yasser Arafat. He said the moon was made of cheese one day and made of bread the next. Western leftists believed both versions. Arafat was brown, exotic and he had a lovely smile.

That’s all Hamas has got – propaganda and lies. Militarily they couldn’t even take over - or defeat - Staines or Slough. The Israelis could destroy Hamas in seconds if the West weren’t so outraged by its ‘crimes’ against the oh-so-defenceless Palestinians.

All Hamas has is the gullible ears and eyes of Western leftists and left-liberals – the ones who think that only Palestinians truly bleed. Thus, through Hamas, they pay their dues to their Western colonial guilt.

These fools really believe Hamas when it says it is not anti-Semitic - even though this death cult actually says that it is anti-Semitic in its Charter and when it talks to fellow Muslims.

Hamas created the leftists’ lexicon on Israel, with its absurd and over-the-top words and phrases: such as ‘Israeli crimes’, ‘Israeli apartheid’, the ‘Gaza genocide’ and, more recently, the ‘holocaust of nine Turks’ on the Flotilla the Hun.

If Hamas says that pigs fly, then Western leftists will believe that pigs can fly. If Hamas says that Gaza is a ‘huge concentration camp’, then western Leftists will think that Gaza is a huge concentration camp. If Hamas says that a country with over one million free Arab citizens, fully-functioning Islamist parties, a working democratic system and a world-beating legal system is a ‘Nazi state’, then gullible Western leftists will believe it. Because when such Westerners want to believe the ‘anti-imperialist’ brown exotic, then they will believe him. If they must believe the brown exotic, for ideological reasons, then they will believe him.

Thus these Leftist dickheads parade the streets of Islington saying ‘we are all Hamas now’. No we aren’t, you fuckstarts! We are not a racist, anti-Semitic death cult and hopefully we'll never become one! So don’t you - you Leftist moron! - dare speak for all us Brits. It's only cognitively disturbed Trots who want to - and must - believe the blatantly-obvious lies and deceits of the Taqiyya merchants who make up Hamas.

So it follows that the Gaza of plush and tacky shopping malls, fast and flash cars, shops stocked to the top with Western goods, etc. is really an ‘open prison’, as our own dear David Cameron put it recently. Why, even non-Leftists must speak Hamas these days.

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