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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Greetings From Sunny Israel [Brianoflondon]

- by Brianoflondon

I wasn't born in the UK, but lived there from the time I was a baby. I became a naturalised British citizen in my teens and lived in London until last year when I packed up my family and moved to Israel. Before I left the UK, however, I was involved heavily in the counter Jihad movement including hosting a weekly satirical internet radio show (podcast) which directed a lot of humor at Islam. That's faded as those of us who did it just ran out of time for that hobby.

I've been looking at the EDL for a while as some of the people I know from my counter Jihad days have become active here. Having grown up, Jewish, not far from Brentford I knew all about the old NF and the "new" BNP. Despite Nick Griffith being often correct about Islam and the Koran, most else they stand for is abhorrent to me.

What impresses me most about the EDL is the focus on the ideology of Islam, the determination to keep the movement focused on that alone and the corresponding determination to not allow infiltration by the darker race based nationalists, anti-Jewish or anti-Gay elements. Bravo. The realisation that these folks will be in the EDL is the essential step necessary to rooting them out or, even better, convincing them of their errors.

I will try to post a little on the subject of Israel. Obviously, by the action of packing up in England and moving to Israel, I'm a Zionist. That means I think that the ancient Jewish people deserve to return to their small homeland where they can look after their own interests for the first time in 2000 years and not rely on the protection of others which has proved downright dangerous for so long.

I now occupy a very small slice of hideously over-occupied Tel Aviv! It's a great place to live, nice (if crowded) beaches, great restaurants and (if you can live with the 3 months of extreme heat) a very nice climate.

And if the Gazans who also have beautiful beaches and sit exactly 50 miles away from me, had wanted to live this way, they could have too. In fact, 15 years ago when "suffering" under the "jack-booted heel" of the IDF they did! Most Jews I know remember when it was common to visit restaurants there or go shopping in Gaza City.

So what happened? Islam of course. It started to get to cosy, Israel made repeated attempts to re-house the refugees (all blocked by their own leadership). Islam wants Israel back, not just Gaza or Judea and Samaria or Spain. Islam needs to get back anything it has ever had in the past. When the Arab leadership felt that life was getting too good for their people, they knew the people might just question why they can't be ruled, democratically, by Jews. Of course the answer is in the Koran, a Jew (or any other non Muslim) must never be the master of a Muslim.

Now saying all this it might come as a shock to you back in England but the Islamic nature of the threat to Israel is massively misunderstood and downplayed. Here is a real story: I had a meeting once with a former head of the library at The Mossad. We talked and eventually I mentioned that the date 9-11 had massive significance as the commonly accepted date for the defeat of the Muslim armies at the Gates of Vienna in 1683. He expressed extreme surprise and said he didn't know that! I don't know if he was hiding something from me, but I have no reason to suspect it.

Strangely enough, we here in Israel also need an Israeli Defense League to fight the insanity of our own left wing Jews (thankfully much decreased in recent years) and the increasing fervor of Islam on our borders and within the more than a million or so Muslim Arabs who are full Israeli citizens. How many of you noticed that there was a full blown Israeli Member of Parliament (Kinneset as it's called here) on one of the Turkish Jihad boats! Imagine George Galloway actually riding into battle on a Taliban pick up and you have some idea of how crazy it is here.


  1. I haven't heard anyone make the link with 9/11/1683 before! Is their any evidence that the 9/11 date was selected with this in mind?

  2. Regarding the link with 9/11/1683, It's not that there certainly is a link but one has to understand the way in which these people think and operate. Everything is symbolic. History is deeply personal to these people. Even if it was accidental, once they performed the act on this day, it is known that others among their ranks will have made the connection and exploited it.