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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Far-Right Islam & the Anti-Islamic EDL [Hugh Fitzgerald]

- by Hugh Fitzgerald, from Jihad Watch

"ARMED police opened fire during an operation to arrest members of the controversial far-right English Defence League..."

Far-right, far-right, far-right. Far-right EDL. Far-right Geert Wilders. Far-right Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Far-right Wafa Sultan. Far-right Ibn Warraq. Far-right Magdi Allam. Far-right Oriana Fallaci. Far-right, far-right, far-right.

We've had enough of this Homeric epithet business, presuming to have taken in all the evidence and affixing the proper adjective for us -- so as to spare us, the readers or listeners, from taking in the evidence and deciding for ourselves how we wish to characterize the EDL, or Geert Wilders, or any other man or groupings of men.

Well, two can play that game.

And since Islam exhibits so many more features of being "far-right" than does the EDL --why don't we affix that epithet, more fittingly, to Islam itself, and to those who identify themselves as its loyal adherents, are deserving of the epithet "far-right."

Islam is, just like Fascism and Nazism, a Total Belief-System, that offers a Complete Regulation of Life -- rules for everything, What Is Commanded and What Is Prohibited.

Islam is, just like Fascism and Nazism, a collectivist faith. You join a group,and the group offers you instantaneous solidarity, a solidarity that is, however, not so much genuine fellow-feeling and sharing (do the Saudis share their oil loot with Pakistanis or Somalis? do those Muslims who seize control of countries and enrich themselves and their families care a whit about the miserably poor Muslims of their country, or do they leave worry about that to the Infidels of this world?) as it is a shared hatred of non-Muslims. In other words, Islam is built on a division of humanity between Muslim and Infidel, and requires permanent hostility, or even a state of war, between the two.

Islam does not encourage freedom of thought but actively discourages it, as do Fascism and Nazism.

Islam has a charismatic leader -- Muhammad -- whose every word and deed is held up for admiration and emulation. So does Fascism, and its variants.

Islam is history-haunted, and lives on exaggerated myths of a past glory that is never subject to real historical scrutiny. So does Fascism and its variants.

Islam even has its own variety of antisemitism -- that is, a special animus toward the Jews, one that is not to be confused with, and had no need of, the European variety, even if many Muslims, especially Arabs ,welcomed, and learned a rhetorical trick or two from, and looked with favor on, the Nazis.

Islam is as a consequence favored by the real far-right, that is the neo-Nazis, in Western Europe and North America.

So let's re-word that sentence above:

"Members of the English Defence League, a group which takes as its sole agenda opposition to the ferocious encroachments of far-right Islam, and far-right Muslims, within the land of Great Britain, endured the spectacle of armed British police, apparently willing to appease those far-right Muslims, fire on unarmed EDL members who were protesting against far-right Islam."


Much better.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Reginald,

    I am interested in language. I prefer to be far-right than left. For a start, Nazism is national socialism which is left, so is stalinism. Even the sign for fascism the "fasces" or bundle. The sticks, all the same size gather around the long axe: "some more equal than others".

    The word "right" in the dictionary means correct, straight, upright, according to truth and justice, just, fit, proper: DEXTEROUS(Chamber's 20th Century Dictionary, no publication date).
    "Left": gauche, awkward, opposite to right, unlucky, dubious, morganatic, weak, from Anglo-Saxon "lyft" meaning weak, worthless.Clumsy, stupid, malicious: SINISTER(Latin and French)Cassell's English Dictionary 1962)

    That is my view anyway! :)